Aaron Rodgers may have placed his Green Bay Packers days behind him, but he still has a lot of games left to play. The New York Jets quarterback constantly impressed coaches and teammates during their training. None were more amused than head coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets coach was particularly impressed when Aaron Rodgers threw a pass to CJ Uzomah. He was engulfed by the glory of the play that he vividly described what happened, via Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

“When he let it go, I was like, Well, that's overthrown, and then, the ball just kept floating and floating and floating, and it hit the guy in stride. I was like, Oh my God. It was unbelievable,” said the Jets head coach with much glee.

Aaron Rodgers threw the pass out of an adjustment to a well-covered CJ Uzomah. Unlike any other quarterback, the 39-year-old noticed that the defender was looking at Uzomah and was not paying attention to him. He made the pass and had a great show of decision-making.

Coach Robert Saleh was so amused that he compared Rodgers to every QB in his lifetime.

“Me, personally, I’ve never been around a quarterback like that. We’ve had some good quarterbacks—Russell [Wilson], Jimmy [Garoppolo], Matt Schaub. This is different, and not to speak poorly of them. So he throws a ball to C.J. Uzomah. And I was like, He’s covered! And he says, Guy’s not looking at me, he’s open,” Saleh declared.

Aaron Rodgers is a generational talent. It is still fun to see glimpses of greatness from him despite his age.