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Bills star Stefon Diggs reacts to uplifting Dane Jackson injury update

Stefon Diggs, Dane Jackson, Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills stamped their class against the Tennessee Titans, 41-7, and the performance turned in by Stefon Diggs was one of the main reasons why the Bills decimated their opponents. But their victory wasn’t without adversity, as the Bills were met with the unfortunate circumstance of seeing Dane Jackson get carted off the field via an ambulance after suffering an apparent neck injury. Thankfully for Jackson and the Bills, the 25-year old cornerback was able to walk out of the hospital under his own accord and he is currently at home recuperating.

Stefon Diggs, who turned in one of the best performances of his career after a 12 reception, 148 yard, three touchdown performance, was quick to react to the update on Jackson’s injury, thankful that his teammate didn’t suffer as bad an injury as initially feared.

“As a team, we’re gonna get behind him. We’re going to do it for 30. That’s one of our guys. We love him, and we just gotta put football to the side sometimes and realize that it’s bigger than that,” Diggs, speaking on ESPN’s First Take, said.

Immediately after the game yesterday, Stefon Diggs had nothing but concern for Jackson, whom he affectionately shares a birthday with. While seeing someone you’re close with encounter such a tough blow to the head isn’t the easiest of sights, Diggs and the rest of the Bills were able to weather the storm, and thankfully Jackson has as well.

“It’s tough, especially ‘coz that’s one of the guys. You know we got a tight-knit group on this team. [Dane Jackson] is my guy. We share the same birthday, so that’s my birthday twin. I’m praying for him. He’s gonna be alright. We got his back,” Diggs told Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

Stefon Diggs and the Bills will be facing the red-hot Miami Dolphins in Week 3, but like Diggs said, some things are bigger than sports, and Jackson’s wellbeing is one of those. Hopefully for Dane Jackson and his family, he makes a full recovery from his neck injury and hopefully it doesn’t lead to further complications in the future.