The rumor mill and finger pointing in the Britney Spears-Sam Asghari divorce saga is heating up. After sources reported rumors over the weekend trying to pin the blame on Spears as the cause for the split, now Spears' camp is firing back — claiming earlier rumors about cheating and physical abuse by the pop star are untrue. Rather, sources in Britney Spears' camp insist the blame lies with Sam Asghari, according to a report in Page Six.

The outlet is quoting an inside source close to Britney Spears who claims “Britney wanted a fairytale and she didn’t get it. She felt that Sam’s love was not unconditional,” and further suggests Asghari has been living separately from Spears for months.

The source further revealed, “Of course she feels let down…anyone would when your partner is not providing for you in the way you feel you need to be provided for. She booked great, high-end vacations and paid for everything, they went everywhere on private jet. But he was not super present, You only have to ask, where was he when Britney was filming all her Instagram videos? He would just disappear for months to go filming and she would be left all alone. There were times when he would just get up and go.”

As for the earlier rumors that Spears cheated on Asghari, or that she attacked him while he slept, the inside source was quick to combat those claims, saying: “There was no cheating. And he’s 6ft 2 and she’s 5ft 2, so how could she attack him? The honest truth of it is that it’s complicated, this wasn’t a whiplash decision, it’s been in the works for the past month.”

All that is really known for sure is that Sam Asghari was the one to file for divorce from Britney Spears in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, and past that it appears to be a celebrity case of he said, she said.