The Jacksonville Jaguars are gunning for a Super Bowl in 2023, and the resurgence of Calvin Ridley could be the key to getting there. Ridley, a former superstar for the Atlanta Falcons, has been MIA for much of the recent past including all of 2022 when he was suspended for gambling related reasons.

Former Clemson running back Travis Etienne Jr., wide receiver Christian Kirk and others are expected to flank Ridley this season on what could be a top five offense in the NFL.

On Wednesday, August 2, Jaguars Coach Doug Pederson revealed that Ridley suffered a toe injury, although it wasn't known immediately known to what extent. He was limited but continued practicing. Another report said that Ridley's toe issue was soreness related, due to his cleats, and he switched them up eventually leading to improved movement.

Prior to the injury, Ridley was doing vintage Calvin Ridley things, as evidenced by the video below during training camp.

While it feels like Ridley has been around forever, the ex-Falcon is still just 28 years old and has become a popular fantasy football pick in the early rounds of 2023 drafts.

Even with as good as Ridley has looked in 2023 on the training circuit, he is still widely expected to go between picks 15-20, and that's just among receivers. He is expected to be taken earlier in fantasy drafts than his Jaguars teammate Christian Kirk, however. Kirk had a 1,000 yard season in 2022 and figures to form a dominant one-two duo for the Jaguars with Trevor Lawrence at the controls and Etienne running and catching balls out of the backfield.

Calvin Ridley's Fantasy Ceiling for 2023

Ridley was being drafted incredibly early prior to his suspension. He caught 90 balls for over 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns for Atlanta in 2020, his last full season on the gridiron.

As impressive as that season was, it was three years ago, or will be the equivalent of three years ago once the 2023-2024 season is complete.

Ridley looks ready to go so far, but there is bound to be an adjustment period as he gets reacclimated to the speed and physicality of the game. Lawrence threw for 4,113 yards and 25 touchdowns against eight interceptions for the Jaguars last season, and the most encouraging part is he has never had a wide receiver with the sheer size, speed, and overall talent as Ridley.

Ridley's ceiling for 2023 in fantasy football figures to top out at around 75 to 90 catches and 1,400 yards. While it's possible he could eclipse his career highs, there are too many unknowns to count on it as a likelihood especially with the talent of Jacksonville's other wideouts.

Calvin Ridley's Fantasy Floor in 2023 

Ridley's 2023 fantasy season with the Jaguars could be threatened by injuries among other concerns. He played just five games in 2021, stepping away due to mental health concerns and also learning that season that he had broken a previously injured foot he played on in 2020.

Ridley has shown the willingness to play through injury, but he also is a higher injury risk than many other receivers who could be drafted ahead of him or in the same vicinity during your 2023 fantasy draft.

If Ridley can stay reasonably healthy and the Jaguars' season is a successful one as expected, his fantasy football floor is around 50 catches, 700 yards and five or six touchdowns.

Final Thoughts on Ridley's Fantasy Value for 2023 

Consider Ridley to be a high-risk, high-reward type of player in 2023.

The risks aren't terribly high and the rewards could be incredible. The biggest factors limiting Ridley are the unknowns surrounding his health and lack of recent production as well as the sheer talent available to draft this season in fantasy football.

Also, Ridley seems like somewhat of a dinosaur in today's era of football because of his larger body type compared with players like Devonta Smith and others who form the prototype of what is considered to be a new school receiver.

Ridley has the size, strength, and ability to make tough catches that few other receivers in today's NFL can boast. The consensus among most fantasy analysts is that Ridley should be drafted 15th-20th among NFL receivers.

The Jaguars' biggest offseason addition could easily vault up that list and find himself in the top ten by season's end.

A lot depends on his motivation to succeed, and by all accounts Ridley is hungry to prove he's still a top flight NFL receiver. Feel secure in taking Ridley in this year's draft as he is a bona fide superstar when healthy who could help you win your league if he returns to his previous form. Combined with fellow fantasy riser Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars have an impressive one-two punch.

There's a reason Ridley was taken in the first or second round prior to his difficulties — he's a superstar talent when healthy, something Jaguars and NFL fans will find out soon enough.