Dan Snyder is officially selling the Washington Commanders and this week concludes the first round of bidding for the franchise. And by no surprise, there's been a whole lot of money put on the table. According to Mike Ozanian of Forbes, Snyder has received offers well over $7 million for the Commanders.

Snyder hired Bank of America not too long ago to help with the sale of the team but is still slightly reluctant to do so. That being said, it's almost a foregone conclusion he'll be forced to give up Washington and evidently, for a pretty penny. The Denver Broncos were sold for $4.65 million earlier in 2022 and that was a record for a North American sports team. At this rate, the Commanders are going to easily surpass that number.  The Dallas Cowboys are the most expensive franchise in North America at a whopping $8 million.

The likes of Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z have been mentioned as possible suitors for the Commanders. If offers have rolled in “well north” of $7 million as reported, then Washington could potentially double the number the Broncos were purchased for. There is no question that the Commanders need new ownership after Snyder's shady antics over the years and a new stadium also becomes a possibility if they're under a different owner.

Ron Rivera's squad is enjoying a solid campaign, sitting at 7-6-1. That's good enough for a Wild Card spot at the moment ahead of a tough clash in Week 16 against the San Francisco 49ers. Better times ahead on and off the field.