Television analyst Shannon Sharpe is not happy with how things are going in Dallas. Sharpe is criticizing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for the football team's culture, per ESPN.

“This is what you get right now, you get guys making excuses, and the Cowboys have had a better team a number of years in the postseason,” Sharpe said. “The coaches can't coach, because Jerry is the coach.”

The Cowboys have aspirations of a Super Bowl nearly every year. The team has won five total Super Bowl championships. The Cowboys however haven't been there since 1995, when the team beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the big game. The franchise hasn't even made it to the NFC Championship game since that season, a drought of nearly 30 years for one of football's most iconic franchises.

The Cowboys have certainly had their chances since then, though. The team finished another disappointing season in 2023 by bowing in the NFC Wild Card round to the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys have now made the playoffs 13 times since their last Super Bowl win, only to fall short each time of the NFC title game. Sharpe says Jones plays a large role in that failure.

“Jerry Jones created the culture, he created it,” Sharpe added. “Jerry is the coach. He's the offensive coordinator, he's the defensive coordinator, he's the position coach. This is what he has allowed to happen.”

Jones may be listening to his critics, because he's making changes to the group of people who advise him. The team announced Tuesday that former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is now on Jones' advisory board. Johnson coached the Cowboys to two Super Bowl championships.