Timing is everything. That phrase could not be truer when applied to the current situation facing college football fans who also happen to have Dish Network and a Sling TV subscription. Such fans have lost access to all Disney-owned channels, as they are in a dispute over rights fees. That means that many college football fans won't get to tune into the Week 5 games featured on ESPN or ABC. Daniel Kline of TheStreet has the details.

“Now, Dish and Sling TV subscribers have lost access to all Disney-owned channels in a dispute between the two companies over rights fees.”

Per Kline, Dish Network posted a note on its website informing customers that its contract with Disney- and thus, ESPN- had expired. In a separate press release, Dish took the fight to Disney, saying that the company had “exploited its market position to increase fees without regard for the public viewing experience.”

And let me tell you, the public viewers are not happy about it. College football Reddit predicted that much the night before when they learned of the ESPN-Dish Network feud.

Another Twitter user predicted the “fun” to look a little something like this, which is definitely on the right track.

It's honestly surprising that Dish, ESPN and Sling TV don't have a riot on their hands. But what they do have, is a lot of angry college football fans who won't get to watch Week 5 games.

Absolutely brutal timing. And those are some of the milder reactions on Twitter. College football fans got stabbed in the back by Dish Network and ESPN.

And this Twitter user hit the nail on the head.

Indeed. Hopefully, Dish and Disney can sort out their differences soon.