Miami Dolphins fans were optimistic when cornerback Jalen Ramsey posted about the progress of his rehab, but they have to be absolutely blown away after he was spotted at training camp on Friday. The 28-year-old star was standing on the sidelines during practice, without any crutches, per Bobby Shouse.

Ramsey is just a week removed from having surgery to repair a torn meniscus he suffered early in camp. While there is no concrete timetable, an initial return date was speculated to come around December. Apparently, the former All-Pro, who played more than three-and-a-half seasons with the Los Angeles Rams before being traded in March, is intent on shattering expectations.

Earlier in the week, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel relayed to the media that Ramsey said he is going to “beat the timeline by a month.” Many athletes have that internal belief and fire, but to actually see him literally walk the walk so far is deeply encouraging for the team and fans.

Miami signed outspoken corner Eli Apple and recently brought in USFL star Mark Gilbert to bolster up the ailing secondary. Renown defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is going to do what he can to buy time as Jalen Ramsey continues to work his way back. At the very least, he should be capable of implementing a game plan that keeps the Dolphins out of the bottom-five for most passing yards allowed again.

The full potential of this defense and team is unlikely to materialize without their prized offseason acquisition. But his exceptional healing powers makes that a possibility sooner than initially anticipated.