Paul George: Durant, Warriors will definitely work
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Paul George: Durant, Warriors will definitely work

Kevin Durant

This year’s free agency was the most anticipated since 2010, when LeBron James was an unrestricted free agent.

The biggest name of the summer has been Kevin Durant and as everyone knows, he ultimately chose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join forces with the reigning Western Conference Champs Golden State Warriors.

As everyone in the world tries to come to terms with Durant’s decision, one major question keeps popping up: how will so many offensively talented players come together and play effectively?

There has to be adjustments to make in order for a successful chemistry to be formed. Whether that means Durant will need to take a step back from his role as a leader or back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry cuts back on how many threes he jacks up nightly, someone’s game will have to change.

One NBA All-Star isn’t worried about the chemistry over in the Bay Area. According to Mercury News’ Marcus Thompson, Indiana Pacers star Paul George has all the faith in the world that the Warriors will be just fine.

“I think they both are going to have to be willing to give up something, but they are both unselfish players, so it will definitely work. You can’t forget what Klay brings and what Draymond brings. With those four guys, you can’t have an alpha. Everybody has to be willing to give up something for that team.”

The Warriors last year had a remarkable season, winning an NBA record 73 games and reaching the Finals for the second year in a row despite losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, adding an another MVP winner in Kevin Durant to their already impressive roster, the Dubs will remain the top team to watch this upcoming season.

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