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VIDEO: One of the greatest UFC fights ever is available to watch for free

Robbie Lawler, Rory MacDonald

UFC 189 is an event that will be remembered for a very long time, thanks to Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. This is quite impressive considering Conor McGregor was in the main event.

The event featured one of the greatest MMA fights ever. Champion Robbie Lawler defended his belt against Rory MacDonald in an epic contest.

The fight featured everything fans could hope for. Blood, a big comeback, high volume, no defense, and plenty of gruesome injuries.

Robbie Lawler cemented his status as an exciting action fighter that night. He had been known for epic contests against Johny Hendricks and Nick Diaz to name a few.

After his gutsy performance against Rory MacDonald, he had cemented his place in the violence Hall-of-Fame. He would leave the fight with a lip that was completely split, you could actually see his teeth when his mouth was closed.

The fight started off with MacDonald getting the best of Robbie Lawler, he was landing good shots and finding his rhythm early on. Lawler would end up coming alive in the later rounds and gave MacDonald everything he could handle.

MacDonald’s gruesome injury came from his nose. It would split in half and pour out blood everywhere.

His nose was never the same after that fight. Most would argue MacDonald was never the same after the fight.

Lawler, to his credit, would continue his streak of violence when he took on Carlos Condit in another violent affair months later. His status as a legendary champion was asserted that day.

Lawler would beat MacDonald by TKO in the fifth round in what was the ‘Fight of the Year’ and one of the greatest contests in UFC history.