The question on most minds is if Aaron Rodgers will be able to suit up for the New York Jets next season after tearing his Achilles in Week 1. A 2023-24 return seems completely out of the realm of possibility, right? As another football legend says, not so fast.

“Are you coming back for the playoffs this year?” Pat McAfee asked Rodgers on Friday's edition of The Pat McAfee Show, via ClutchPoints. “I'm not gonna make any of those statements,” the star quarterback replied. “I don't feel like that's fair to myself… As Kevin Garnett said, ‘Anything is possible!'”

That little crumb of hope, which is hardly a bold proclamation, might as well be a hearty feast for the success-starved Jets fans who thought Rodgers could be the one to deliver them back into NFL prominence. The Super Bowl 45 MVP added another soundbite that will allow them to cling to this prophesy.

“I have a rehab plan that is going to shock some people,” Rodgers said, via J. Gray. A torn Achilles could be a career-ender for a 39-year-old athlete, but the future Hall of Fame QB is known for his unconventional philosophies. Perhaps, he is privy to the perfect remedy that will defy medical expert opinion. One also cannot underestimate his determination to thrive in New York.

When Aaron Rodgers went down in the opening minutes of the Jets' first game of the 2023-24 season, it felt like a nightmare for fans. In actuality, the catastrophic injury woke them up from a months-long dream that contained images of the Lombardi Trophy and a confetti celebration in Allegiant Stadium.

Now, the franchise and its fervent followers have been jolted back to a reality that is all too familiar. An elite defense limited by a shaky quarterback. But if Rodgers' comments are in fact more than just obligatory optimism, then maybe New York can return to this dream world. And stay there for a little longer, this time.