NFL Twitter has made Aaron Rodgers the butt of a few jokes over the last few years, and this off-season's free agency saga is no different. First the darkness retreat, now Rodgers' Jets ‘wish list' of old Green Bay Packers teammates, along with Odell Beckham Jr, has the Twitter universe cracking jokes once again.

NFL Insider Field Yates joked that Rodgers will be bidding for his fifth MVP and his first NFL executive of the year award next season, and memes are spreading quickly implying the New York Jets will now be known as the New York Packers.

NFL Yahoo reporter Charles Robinson tweeted a somewhat accurate reenactment of Aaron Rodgers recruiting his pals. Despite legitimate interest in many active former Packers teammates of Rodgers, old names are also being thrown into the mix.

Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, and TJ Lang have been mentioned by the likes of reporters Albert Breer, Trevor Sikemma and Dave Zangaro, and these are just a few of the golden era Rodgers teammates being mentioned as potential Jets free agent signings.

Meanwhile, there is no telling whether or not Aaron Rodgers is sitting back enjoying the show or simply hasn't a care in the world how long it takes to make his decision.

Whether any of Rodger's old teammates are considering joining him or not, there is still no confirmation he will be playing in the Meadowlands next year.

For all we know, he could still retire. Ian Hartitz used a classic image from the popular show Nathan for You to give us an insight into what Rodgers is really thinking. The only certainty at this point is that with Aaron Rodgers, everything is uncertain.