New York Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton have been embroiled in controversy ever since comments from Payton on Hackett's one year in Denver surfaced. Hackett was given a chance to respond to these comments at Jets training camp, and he certainly wasn't pleased, reports uStadium App.

“There’s a code. There’s a way things are done. This past week is frustrating. It’s unfortunate about the comments that were made, but they did. I was more surprised they happened now I thought they would in Week 5.”

Some candid thoughts from Nathaniel Hackett and some that many coaches around the NFL probably agreed with. Sean Payton has been vocal that he regretted making those comments and will try to make amends, but it looks like he will just have to live with them for now.

Although the comments were a little harsh, Sean Payton did have a point that Nathaniel Hackett did a pretty terrible job in his one year as the Broncos head coach. After trading for Russell Wilson, the Broncos were supposed to be a threat in the AFC West last season, but ultimately ended up being one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Payton and Hackett now find themselves in very opposite situations to start the 2023 NFL season. For Payton, he will try to rewrite the ship in his return to the sidelines and help Wilson reclaim his form for the Broncos. Meanwhile, Hackett reunites with Aaron Rodgers from their days together with the Green Bay Packers, running one of the most anticipated offenses in the NFL. Stay tuned until Week 5 of the NFL regular season arrives when these two coaches and teams can settle this controversy once and for all on the football field.