The New York Jets are doing their best to succeed with backup quarterbacks at the helm of the team in Aaron Rodgers' stead, but it hasn't been easy. Former Northwestern Wildcat and Big Ten star Trevor Siemian, an NFL journeyman, is expected to start for the team against the Commanders on Sunday.

The Jets are expected to bring back two big name components of the team who have been under scrutiny lately. Four potential NFL Draft targets for the Jets were listed recently.

On Thursday, an article published by revealed something that few fans knew about in regards to Aaron Rodgers' reentry onto the team's active roster in recent days.

Rodgers' Reluctance to Rejoin Roster Revealed

A source revealed to the website that Rodgers was initially opposed to rejoining the Jets because he did not want to take another, healthier player's spot on the roster.

Ultimately, the team's General Manager Joe Douglas and Coach Robert Saleh made the call to add Rodgers to the roster.

Practice squad defensive back Kalon Barnes was let go as a result.

Rodgers Helping Jets Out in Practice

Rodgers has reportedly helped to make practice more spirited for the Jets' offensive and defensive players.

The ex-Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP has led the way in creating more dynamic practice situations for players to enjoy and test themselves in.

On Friday, he reportedly ran the scout team against the starting defense, which said helped prepare the team's starters for Sunday's game with the Washington Commanders.

Time will tell if the addition of Rodgers will end up being a good one.

Considering the Jets' inexperience and difficulties in the win column, it appears as if it could make a difference in the team's late season fortunes.