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League of Legends 2021 offseason roster shuffle, free agents – full list and updates

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From superstars coming out of retirement to title-winning teams undergoing major rebuilding, the 2021 offseason will surely turn out to be a wild one for League of Legends. With the World Championship reaching its breathtaking conclusion earlier this month, we now turn our attention to roster changes in the offseason. Here’s all the latest updates—confirmed signings, departures, trades and rumors—in the League pro scene, arranged according to region and team.

Several teams had disappointing 2021 campaigns in their local leagues. The West’s representatives from the LCS and LEC also crashed out of Worlds early. As organizations look to stay competitive and put up a better showing in 2022, fans can expect many lineups to get shaken up in the coming weeks. Not to mention, this year more than ever, League has an absolutely stacked free agency pool. Many veteran names and promising stars are joining the market as the roster shuffle unfolds.

League of Legends 2021 offseason roster moves

LCS roster shuffle (signings, departures, free agents, rumors)

100 Thieves

Final Roster: Ssumday / Tenacity, Closer, Abbedagge, FBI, Huhi

  • [November 15] 100T confirm six-man 2022 roster (Ssumday / Tenacity, Closer, Abbedagge, FBI, Huhi)
    • Tenacity (top) promoted from Academy squad and will focus on LCS prep alongside Ssumday


Final Roster: Summit, Blaber, Fudge, Berseker / Zven, Winsome / Isles

  • [November 12] Perkz (mid) leaves C9 after one season, heads to Team Vitality in LEC
  • [November 16] Vulcan (support) transfers from C9 to EG
  • [Rumor] Fudge roleswap from top to mid; signing of Summit (top) and Winsome (support, free agent)
  • [November 20] C9 confirms LCS roster for 2022
    • Signing of Summit (top, from LCK), Berserker (ADC, from LCK), Winsome (support, from LCK);
    • Fudge roleswaps from top to mid, Copy (from Academy) could challenge for spot;
    • Isles (support, from Academy) and Zven (2021 ADC) still continue with team
    • Team will undergo a bootcamp in Korea to figure out the best player for each position

Counter Logic Gaming

Final Roster: Jenkins, Contractz, Palafox, Luger, Poome

  • [November 15] CLG release entire LoL roster (Finn, Broxah, Damonte, WildTurtle, Smoothie) as org looks to rebuild
  • [Rumor] CLG reportedly will buy out Contractz’s contract (jungle, from EG)
  • [November 19] CLG refreshes roster for 2002 with all-new signings
    • Jenkins (top, from Team Liquid), Contractz (jungle, buy out from EG), Palafox (mid, from FlyQuest), Luger (ADC, from 100T Academy), and Poome (support, from 100T Academy)


  • [November 15] DIG and Aphromoo (support) part ways after two seasons
  • [November 15] LCS and Academy mid laners, Soligo and Yusui, released
  • [Rumor] Signing of River (jungle, from PSG Talon in PCS) and Blue (mid, from SK Gaming)
  • [November 17] Biofrost (support) joins DIG
  • [November 21] Signing of River (jungle, from PSG Talon in PCS)

Evil Geniuses

  • [November 15] Jiizuke (mid) exits EG after two seasons
  • [November 15] Jojopyun (mid) promoted from Academy roster to main EG lineup
  • [November 15] Contractz (jungle) departs EG’s Academy squad
  • [November 16] Vulcan (support) joins from C9 in replacement of IgNar
  • [Rumor] Signing of Inspired (jungle, from Rogue) via buyout deal
  • [November 22] Inspired (jungle, buyout from Rogue) joins EG


  • [Rumor] Signing of Toucouille (mid, from GameWard in LFL) and Aphromoo (support, from Dignitas)
  • [November 18] Aphromoo (support, from Dignitas) signs with FQ
  • [November 22] Toucouille (mid, from GameWard in LFL) joins FQ

Golden Guardians

Final Roster: Licorice, Pridestalkr, Ablazeolive, Lost, Olleh

  • [November 12] Niles (ADC) retires from competitive LoL
  • [November 15] Olleh (support) returns to pro scene and joins GGS
  • [November 15] Licorice (top) and Ablazeolive (mid) re-sign with GGS for 2022
  • [Rumor] Signing of Pridestalkr (jungle, from Mouz in GCD) and Lost (ADC, from TSM)
  • [November 17] Pridestalkr (jungle) and Lost (ADC) sign with GGS to round out 2022 roster


Final Roster: Revenge, Xerxe, PowerOfEvil, WildTurtle, Destiny

  • [Rumor] Signing of PowerOfEvil (mid, from TSM) and WildTurtle (ADC, from CLG)
  • [November 16] PowerOfEvil (mid, from TSM) joins IMT
  • [November 17] WildTurtle (ADC) returns to IMT after six years
  • [November 17] Destiny (support) confirmed to stay with IMT, while Xerxe (jungle) gets contract extension

Team Liquid

Final Roster: Bwipo, Santorin, Bjergsen, Hans Sama, CoreJJ

Team SoloMid

LEC roster shuffle (signings, departures, free agents, rumors)


  • [September 22] Astralis and MagiFelix (mid) part ways after just six months
  • [October 18] Astralis releases Jeskla (ADC) after one season
  • [November 16] Kobbe (ADC) joins from Misfits

Excel Esports

  • [November 18] Finn (top, from CLG) signs with Excel


  • [Rumor] Bwipo to leave Fnatic, return to top lane position, will reportedly be replaced by Razork (jungle, from Misfits)
  • [Rumor] Wunder (top, buyout from G2) to replace Adam
  • [November 20-22] FNC and Bwipo part ways as the jungler returns to his top lane position, heading to TL days later

G2 Esports

MAD Lions

Final Roster: Armut, Elyoya, Reeker, UNF0RGIVEN, Kaiser

  • [Rumor] Carzzy (ADC) set to move from MAD to Vitality, while Humanoid (mid) looks for new team
  • [Rumor] Signing of UNF0RGIVEN (ADC, from SK Gaming Prime) and Reeker (mid, from Berlin International Gaming)
  • [November 21] Carzzy makes exit from MAD after two years
  • [November 24] Reeker (mid, from BIG) and UNF0RGIVEN (ADC, from SK Gaming Prime) round out MAD roster


  • [Rumor] Signing of Neon (ADC, from Schalke 04) and promotion of Shlatan (jungle) from Academy squad


  • [Rumor] Selling of Inspired (jungle) to Evil Geniuses in NA
  • [Rumor] Hans Sama (ADC) to head to Team Liquid in NA
  • [November 22] Inspired (jungle) transferred from Rogue to NA’s EG
  • [November 23] Hans Sama (ADC) moves from Rogue to NA’s TL

SK Gaming

  • [September 9] SK and TynX (jungle) part ways
  • [November 14] SK releases Lilipp (support) after one split

Team Vitality

  • [Rumor] Signing of Perkz (mid, from C9), Alphari (top, from TL), and Carzzy (ADC, from MAD)

LPL/LCK roster shuffle (signings, departures, free agents, rumors)

[LCK] Damwon Gaming

  • Khan (top) retires after Worlds 2021 campaign (for military service)
  • Canyon (jungle), ShowMaker (mid), and BeryL (support) become free agents after contract expiration
  • [November 25] Ghost (ADC) departs Damwon Gaming and transfers to NS RedForce
  • [Rumor] NS RedForce bot duo deokdam (ADC) and Kellin (support) to join DWG
  • [Rumor] BeryL (support) to move to DRX

[LCK] DragonX

  • [Rumor] Signing of Zeka (mid, from BLG PingAnBank), Deft (ADC, from HLE), and BeryL (support, from DWG)

[LCK] Gen.G

Final Roster: Doran, Peanut, Chovy, Ruler, Lehends

[LCK] Hanwha Life

  • [November 16] Chovy (mid) and Deft (ADC) leave HLE after contracts expire

[LCK] KT Rolster

  • KT signs Cuzz (jungle, from T1), Rascal (top, from Gen.G), and Life (support, from Gen.G)

[LCK] NongShim RedForce

Final Roster: Canna, Dread, Bdd, Ghost, Effort

[LCK] T1

Roster: Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria

[LPL] FunPlus Phoenix

  • [November 22] DoinB (mid) departs FPX