Dan Campbell is not the only Detroit Lions coach who is invested in giving back to their alma mater. The Duke football program is looking for a new architect to build up their squad of the future. They have still not found a head coach to succeed Mike Elko. But, another member of the Lions organization is one of the leading candidates in getting the position. Scottie Montgomery was asked about his interest in going back. However, his answer to the rumors of heading back seemed tight-lipped, via Justin Rogers of The Detroit News.

“I'll tell you what, we'll approach that when it comes. I won't say whether I have or have not heard from them, but I do like professional football for a lot of reasons,” was how Lions' Scottie Montgomery responded to rumors of him heading to the Duke football squad to replace Mike Elko.

More than that, he and his family have gotten more accustomed to the Lions organization. So much so that he may plan to stick in the league for a while, “My family, and especially my children, enjoy the fact we're in the National Football League. Our offseason is a lot different. Our time, our communication, and our ability to grow as a family are different.”

There seem to be no plans for Montgomery to leave the Lions staff with Dan Campbell anytime soon. Until the Duke football squad finds their new head honcho, the doors are still open for him to reunite with his beloved alma mater.