Though his insertion into the Royal Rumble at spot 29 didn’t provide the same excitement, as, say, the debut of “Switchblade” Jay White – which curiously didn’t happen but would have been wild – fans still popped pretty darn hard when Logan Paul, arguably WWE’s Rookie of the Year, returned to the ring, eliminated Seth Rollins in the middle of a mini showdown with Cody Rhodes, and even delivered a crazy spot where the “Impaulsive” one double close lined Ricochet in midair after a pair of springboards.

“The move, we both do a springboard…when this move was pitched to me, I was like, ‘is that possible?’ Generally, when I have that reaction, it’s a good thing because if it is (possible), it’s incredible,” Paul said on Impaulsive via Fightful. “I don’t think it’s been done before. The wrestling purists will perhaps come down on me for this, but I don’t think it’s been done before, which is what I like to do. I like to chase those moments that are really fresh and create that social media buzz. Mid-air, me and Ricochet clothesline the shit out of each other at 1000 miles an hour, and then, when we landed, because we’re falling from seven, eight feet, I crawl out of the ring, I have some time there to sit on the edge. Someone gave me PRIME, shoutout to that person. Got back in the ring and managed to finish it.”

While Paul didn’t come close to winning the Rumble, his return, and the springboard supremacy that it featured, should bode well for his future prospects in the company, as it looks like a feud with Rollins may be just over the horizon for the multi-hyphenate.

Logan Paul asked Cody Rhodes about WrestleMania 39 on Impaulsive too.

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Elsewhere on Impaulsive, the podcast, not his nickname, Paul sat down with Cody Rhodes to discuss how it felt to win the 2023 Royal Rumble and how he’s getting ready for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39.

“The irony and the potential of a Rhodes going on last, when my dad spent eight years competing against WWE, I spent three and stirred up as much trouble as I could possibly stir up,” Rhodes said. “The irony of the potential of going on last under the brightest lights on the grandest stage is just why this place is so good. No judgments, well, not no judgments, I’m sure there are some hard feelings that happened over here, but if a guy or girl is ‘the thing,’ if they’re ready, then they’re moving it forward. That’s what we’re going to push. The idea of it, I don’t want to end up like TCU in the National Title game where ‘maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there.’ I don’t want to shrivel under the lights. I am very much just now letting it all sink in, what we’re doing. I want to let it all sink in now so I can stop doing the, ‘this is amazing, this is going to be great.’ You want to pretend like you’ve been in the endzone. I want to show up, and we’ve got to deliver, and we have to execute whatever that situation is, whether I’m wrestling Roman Reigns, which is what it looks like, or whoever it is. I have to finish the story.”

Surely nothing would make Rhodes happier than to walk into WrestleMania 39, Night 1 or 2, take in the cheers of some 70,000 fans, and then beat the bricks off of Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion but in the end, “The American Nightmare” doesn’t really have a say over who goes over in the main event. No, all he can do is go out there and put on a show for the fans that they will never forget, and send them all home happy.

“What I would say for Roman, in terms of what he’s done, it really is amazing in terms of the irony of the situation where he could potentially be standing across from me, but there are some things that are better than your nutrition, your conditioning, your ability in the ring,” Rhodes said. “Some things that you just can’t avoid. This is one of those things. This is a legitimate team that has surrounded me, a team of destiny and is someone who, I think at the end of the day, I want it more. I hope that’s what it comes down to. The biggest WrestleMania of all time. As much as I’d like to say the most important thing is that I leave with the WWE Championship, the most important thing is that the people have the best time of their lives.”