Last week’s episode of Ms. Marvel suddenly placed Kamala Khan somewhere she never expected – right in the middle of the Partition. After several weeks of being mentioned, the teenage heroine is finally about to learn what happened to her grandmother during that time and the true history of Aisha. We dive into the latest chapter of Kamala’s adventures in this Ms. Marvel episode 5 ending explained.

Ms. Marvel episode 5 ending explained

Ms. Marvel, Marvel, EntertainmentThis week’s episode of Ms. Marvel started in the past right before the independence of India and the partition of the country to create Pakistan. During this time, Aisha was discovered sleeping in a field of roses by Hasan, the property’s owner. The two start a relationship as Aisha is revealed to be pregnant with Hasan’s child, Sana.

After a few years, Najma finds Aisha and tells her they can still enact their plan to go home using the bangle. Aisha lies about the bangle and tells her that she still needs to get it from a hidden location. Once Najma leaves, Aisha implores Hasan to leave with Sana as the Muslims in India are making their way to the newly-created country of Pakistan.

While this happens, Aisha tells Hasan the truth about her true identity and the nature of her bangle. She makes his husband promise that both he and Sana will be on the train to Pakistan before the night ends because she needs to confront Najma and her fellow Clandestines.

On the platform, Najma tells Aisha that she betrayed her family as she refused to give her the bangle. In anger, the elder of the two stabs Aisha and leaves her in the middle of the crowd to die. Meanwhile, Hasan loses Sana right before boarding the train.  Right before she dies, Aisha activates the bangle from afar and a purple light started to emit from it.

From there, we see Kamala make her way toward a dying Aisha, right off where the last episode ended. She tells the teenager to find Sana and help her board the train with Hasan. Kamala succeeds in finding the child but can’t find her father due to the massive crowd. She tells Sana to stand on a construct Kamala created while the child plays around with the energy. At this point, Sana is found by her father and they board the train together. Back in Sana’s residence, Kamala’s mother is panicking over her missing daughter.

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Right after helping Sana, Kamala is transported back to the present where she and the Clandestines find the Veil opening. The teenager does his best to close the doorway with her powers Kareem gets the innocent bystanders out of the way. She implores Najma to help her close the gateway by saying Kamran needs her mother. Najma changes her mind and uses herself as a sacrifice to close the doorway.

Once the Veil has been closed, she is discovered by her mother and grandmother using her abilities. Kamala gives Sana a photograph of her parents, confirming what happened in the past to her. She leaves to help Kareem, leaving the two bewildered. The boy, meanwhile, tells Kamala that she can call on her anytime she needs help.

Back in New York, Kamran approaches Bruno to ask him for help against Damage Control. They hide in Bruno’s place until a drone discovers their location. A couple more drones arrive and make Bruno’s residence explode.

What just happened? A Ms. Marvel episode 5 recap

This week’s episode of Ms. Marvel was primarily spent on explaining Aisha’s story and how Kamala’s grandmother factors into it. After the first half was used to lay down the details, the recollection of Sana to Kamala of what happened at the train station was finally realized. This happened with Kamala going back to the past and playing an active hand in helping Sana return to her father.

Once that was done. Kamala returns back to the present and finishes her confrontation with Najma and the Clandestines. With the latter sacrificing herself to close the Veil, the series is now poised to shift away from her to focus on Damage Control and Kamran.

While evidently shorter than previous installments, Ms. Marvel episode 5 is still packed with a lot of detail that pushes the overall story forward. It remains to be seen how the show will progress now that Najma is gone and the only known antagonist that remains is Damage Control. In any case, it looks like things are just starting for Kamala as she makes her way to becoming a true superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.