Now, former Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich is the second casualty of the NFL coaches to be fired this season, along with former Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels. This all came just 11 games into Reich's tenure after being fired from the Indianapolis Colts last year. The Panthers are an NFL worst 1-11, and now once again have to begin a coaching search for the fourth time in five years. Reich and McDaniels are unlikely to be the only ones fired, however. There's at least six NFL head coaches on the hot seat. Who's next?

Brandon StaleyLos Angeles Chargers

Suffering their seventh loss on Sunday Night Football to the Baltimore Ravens, somehow Staley still hasn't had to pack up his things from his office yet. The Chargers, for all their talent throughout their roster, simply can't find a way to close out games, often losing by one score or less. And that has continued to be an overwhelming trend since Staley's arrival, according to StatMuse.

As of right now, the Chargers are the 13th seed in the AFC playoff picture, so they'd have to get hot and hope for others ahead of them to start losing. The clock has to be ticking for Staley, who is living on a prayer at this point. It's still surprising he wasn't one of the first NFL coaches fired.

Ron Rivera – Washington Commanders

The Commanders are currently in last place in the NFC East at 4-8, going 2-7 in the division. Washington has just taken on new ownership that had to inherit Rivera, who is now in his fourth year with the Commanders. Since his time there, the team has never been better than an eight-game winner. If the new ownership hasn't fired him by now, it's likely they are just waiting until the end of the season.

Brian Daboll – New York Giants

After surprising everyone and getting the Giants to the playoffs last season with Daniel Jones and without Saquon Barkley, Daboll's Year 2 has been abysmal. Granted, he's yet to find any consistency at quarterback, and that was even before Jones went down with a season-ending injury. The team has also mightily struggled with offensive line play, being one of the worst in the league in sacks allowed.

It's difficult to tell what the mood is like around the Giants' facilities, as rumors swirled that Daboll and management have been butting heads. It's just Year 2 for Daboll, but then again, Reich didn't even make it through Year 1. This one is a bit of a toss-up.

Matt Eberflus – Chicago Bears

Also in his second year with the Bears, Matt Eberflus is posting a disgusting 7-22 record. The Bears, per usual, have lacked any sort of real identity to make the franchise relevant. Having yet another defensively minded head coach in Eberflus has seemed to only further set them back, as quarterback Justin Fields continues to struggle, either with injury or efficiency.

The Bears, as of now, will have the No. 1 pick thanks to their trade with the Panthers in last year's draft. They should also have more than likely another top-10 pick. With that amount of high draft capital, it wouldn't be surprising to see Chicago's general manager Ryan Poles send Eberflus packing and completely starting over. That is Poles survives himself. This could be the team in the running for Caleb Williams.

Todd Bowles – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Now in his second NFL head coaching stint after taking over for Bruce Arians for the Buccaneers, Todd Bowles is 12-16. If not for being in the same division with the Panthers and one lowly win, the Buccaneers would likely be in last place.

There in lies the problem which could lead to Bowles dismissal. Tampa Bay resides in one of the worst divisions in football this season, where no team has more than five wins. It's also a division that is void of superior quarterback play, including the Buccaneers. Bowles has yet to prove he can garner enough wins to hold onto his job. He could be on the outs in Tampa.

Bill BelichickNew England Patriots

The biggest wild card of all the NFL coaches on the potential hot seat is by far Bill Belichick. The Patriots are now looking at their second consecutive season under the veteran head coach with a losing record, going 2-8 so far this season and 10-18 over the last two.

The further separated from Tom Brady Belichick gets, the worst him and the Patriots get it seems, with the quarterback situation only getting worse. Will Robert Kraft finally move him from his longtime coach, entering the franchise into its first head coaching search in over 20 years?