When news broke that “The Man” herself, Becky Lynch, was going to headline No Mercy with her match against Tiffany Stratton, it turned more than a few heads around the professional wrestling world.

Sure, the decision to give Lynch the main event spot over a similarly deserving bout featuring Ilja Dragunov and Carmleo Hayes for the NXT Championship wasn't too big of a reach, as “Big Time Becks” has headlined WrestleMania after all, but to really make it work, the performers in question would really need to deliver the goods, as fans would be extra harsh on the match due to its placement on the card.

Fortunately, Lynch and Stratton did not disappoint, and in a match seemingly tailor-made to send the fans in Bakersfield, California happy, the two performers went far in a street fight that brings new meaning to the term weapons wild.

Do you like table spots? This match had some great ones. How about brawling in the crowd? That happened, too. Heck, this match even had a spot that saw Lynch throwing broken-up Barbie dolls at Stratton, only for the “Buff Barbie” to block them with the lid of a trash can.

Though the ultimate outcome of the match wasn't too surprising, as, after Stratton loaded up the corner of the ring with about a half dozen chairs, she was hit with the one-two punch of a missed World's Prettiest Moonsault and a Manhandle Slam for the 1-2-3, this No Mercy match proved two things above all others: Stratton is going to be a star in WWE for a very long time and the BEX era of NXT is no fluke.