Maya, one of Pewdiepie’s three dogs, and one of his two pugs, passed away on the morning of December 18, 2022. Maya was 17 years old, having been born in 2005.

Pewdiepie has previously stated in a 2018 video that Maya has “gone blind and deaf” due to old age.

RIP Maya: Pewdiepie’s Older Pug Dies Of Old Age

Maya’s passing was announced by Pewdiepie on his social media channels. While he didn’t address Maya’s passing at the time, there was a segment on his “Why I deleted the subreddit” video where he had a melancholic moment looking at photos of him and Maya on Google Images. On his Instagram, Pewdiepie wrote a tribute to the pug, where he also broke the news of the beloved dog’s passing. He would later reference the death of Maya during the video “Lot of big changes lately..” While the video was recorded in November and was originally made for Halloween, Pewdiepie appeared at the start of the video to address Maya’s passing. Maya would still appear in this video, which may be one of the last videos we’ll see Pewdiepie’s beloved pug. Incidentally, the video also featured the first appearance of PewDiePie’s new pug, a Pug-Chihuahua hybrid named Momo.


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Another popular online pug, Doug The Pug, had her owner post a tribute on Twitter as well, calling Maya the “littlest, cutest pug with the happiest spirit.” Maya and Doug are good friends and have appeared in various media together before.

With Maya gone, Edgar now remains as Pewdiepie’s sole dog – Pewdiepie’s Yorkshire Terrier Ynk, his first dog, died in 2018. Edgar, who was born in 2012, lives with Pewdiepie and Marzia in their home. Edgar is described to be the clingier and more attention-seeking of the two. Edgar and Maya have been very close ever since the two met.

Apart from appearing in Pewdiepie’s videos, Maya was also featured in multiple video games featuring Pewdiepie, most of the time appearing alongside her adoptive brother Edgar. This includes the mobile games Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator, Pewdiepie: Legend of Brofist, and most prominently in Pewdiepie’s Pixelings.

Maya’s owner, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg, once was the most-subscribed Youtube personality, before being supplanted at the top spot by the Indian record label and movie studio T-Series, and more recently, American internet personality Mr. Beast.