Phil Mickelson is back in the news for staggering gambling allegations with a new book by professional bettor Billy Walters claiming the golf star has wagered well over $1 billion on sports in the last several decades.

When asked if he wanted to comment on the new reports, Phil was less than enthused to discuss it, according to Adam Woodard of Golfweek.

“I'm gonna pass today,” Mickelson told the reporter.

The book includes a passage that alleges Mickelson attempted to wager $400,000 on the U.S. team at the 2012 Ryder Cup, which he was a participant in.

“Have you lost your %&*$ing mind? Don't you remember what happened to Pete Rose? You're seen as the modern-day Arnold Palmer. You'd risk all that for this? I want no part of it,” Walters responded to Phil's request to place the bet for him.

Walters refused but doesn't know if Mickelson placed the bet elsewhere. The U.S. blew the largest lead in Ryder Cup history and fell to the Europeans by a single point after Mickelson lost his Sunday match to Justin Rose.

Another golf writer put some of the allegations into perspective, trying to contextualize the massive number of dollars wagered by Mickelson.

“He was making roughly 60mil a year. A $110,000 per unit bet is the equivalent of someone who makes $100,000 per year betting $150 per game,” tweeted Matt Vincenzi of GolfWRX.

Mickelson's gambling issues have been in the news before, but no formal charges or wrongdoings have ever been levied, similar to the lore of basketball star Michael Jordan.

Mickelson won six majors in the PGA tour before jumping to the LIV Golf tour in 2022. He collected a reportedly massive sum of $200 million to leave the PGA, where he last won the PGA Championship in 2021 at the age of 50. As he enters the late stages of his career, Mickelson was eager to collect another payday from LIV.