The theatrical renditions of Spider-Man have been highly coveted since Tobey Maguire swung into fans' hearts in 2002. Seeing the web-slinger in his superhero outfit on the big screen was a huge deal, considering many only witnessed him in his animated form on television. As Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse prepares for its arrival (with a rumored upgraded suit for Miles Morales, reported by The Direct), it's only right you should get ready. 

With the help of Sam Raimi, audiences fell in love with Peter Parker even more, as he ran on walls, covered the henchmen in his web, and hung upside down to give anonymous kisses to his love. However, the one aspect that stood apart from the rest was his suit. 

From 2002 to today, we've seen countless iterations of Webhead and the amazing suits he's donned are always the icing on top. With the introduction of the animated version of Miles Morales, Spider-Man stopped playing fair if you were comparing other heroes' suits to his. 

Today, we're here to break down Spidey's most iconic looks he's pulled off on the big screen. From Maguire to Holland and everything in between, here are the top five Spide-Man suits from the movies. 

5. Spider-Gwen (Into the Spider-Verse)

Many fans would agree that Spider-Gwen, portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld, is the epitome of coolness among the spider-people. Her slick and sarcastic demeanor draws you in, but it's her guarded and tough exterior that makes her fascinating. Her suit reflects this emotional journey with its contrasting white and black colors, accentuated by a web-laced pop of pink. Given her passion for music as a band member, it's unsurprising that her suit has an edgy pop-punk flair, reflecting her rebellious spirit.

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4. Stealth Suit (Far From Home)

The stealth suit from Far From Home caught a lot of fans by surprise by how sleek it was. It almost looked like another DIY project by Peter, but more high-tech compared to his earlier homemade costume we saw in Civil War. It's also very reminiscent of Spider-Man Noir, making it even more special. This was for sure fashion over function.

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3. Spray Paint Suit (Into the Spider-Verse) 

After only seeing Miles Morales covering himself with a lousy store-bought Spider-Man suit, the movie intensified even more when he came out in this. This suit was unlike any other movie version we've seen and it was a moment of self-acceptance when he finally put it together.

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2. Symbiote Suit (Spider-Man 3)

Aside from the classic one, the Symbiote suit could be the most well-known. When Parker had this version on in the film, his strength, attitude, and dance moves were amplified. Even if Spider-Man 3 wasn't exactly what fans expected, at least we got this beautiful sight from it. 

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1. Iron Spider Suit (Avengers: Infinity War)

Even if you don't love Tom Holland as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, it's tough not to admit the Iron Spider suit is arguably the best we've seen in theaters. When the iron arms protrude from Parker's back and terrorize the bad guys, you can consider that sensational visual stimulation. The aesthetic is clean and Spider-Man turns into a fighting machine while wearing it. 

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters on June 2, 2023, and it's highly possible we'll see a handful of these costumes appear.