Rudy Golbert Roasts An NBA Friend On Twitter
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Rudy Gobert changes Twitter avatar to Evan Fournier’s NBA 2K face

Rudy Gobert is sure having fun with Evan Fournier‘s face scan in NBA 2K17, as referenced with all the meme’s that have been created since the unveiling. So much in fact, he’s made his Twitter avi his friend’s face, as evidenced if you check out his Twitter. 

He could be having fun with the fact that his 2K rating is higher than Fournier’s. Rudy has a 81, while Evan only has a 78 rating.

The Internet has had fun creating many memes, from crying Jordan’s to Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll stop soon. But I bet Evan would like it to end soon though.


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