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Even a Herschel Walker-type deal wouldn’t be enough for Texans to trade Deshaun Watson, per Jimmy Johnson

Deshaun Watson, Texans, Jimmy Johnson, Herschel Walker

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson oversaw the birth of a dynasty after trading star running back Herschel Walker for a wealth of draft picks in 1989. However, Johnson said Friday on ESPN he would not trade Deshaun Watson for the same kind of haul if he were leading the Houston Texans.

Johnson suggested new Texans head coach David Culley should do everything in his power to convince Watson to rescind his trade request:

“If I was David Culley I’d go knock on his door,” Johnson said, via Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk. “I would talk to him and I’d do whatever it takes, I’d put my ego aside, I’d say, ‘The best thing for you is to stay right here.’ Do whatever it takes. Do not lose that player.”

Johnson added Watson is irreplaceable as the face of the franchise at the quarterback position:

“They’re not going to win any games if they don’t have a quarterback,” Johnson said, via PFT. “Do whatever it takes. Make concessions. Keep that quarterback.”

Executives have suggested the Texans could fetch at least as much as the Cowboys got for Walker in 1989, a package that included three first-round picks.

That might be hard for Houston to pass up, given how the situation has progressed.

Houston’s head coaching hire apparently had nothing to do with Watson’s trade request, which was reportedly made over a week ago. The former Clemson star has also said he will not limit his trade market.

Culley might be hard-pressed to convince Watson to stay in H-Town, considering Watson’s frustration stems more from the team’s failure to include him in the hiring of the next general manager. Still, Johnson feels the newly appointed head coach has to try, and the Texans are claiming they have zero interest in trading Watson.

Stay tuned.