Texans video: DeAndre Hopkins gets into fight with 49ers DB Jimmie Ward
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Video: Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins gets into fight with 49ers DB Jimmie Ward

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

Add the Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins and the San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmie Ward in the growing list of training camp fights. The two got into it Wednesday after getting a little too physical during a particular play in joint practice.

Hopkins was going to work on Ward, who knocked off the Texans wideout’s helmet following some hand fighting. Hopkins still proceeded to make the catch helmet-less. But as he turned, Ward gave him a little shove. Hopkins retaliated by taking a swing at Ward, and the whole situation quickly escalated after that.

The two continued to go each other as their respective teams formed a scrum while struggling desperately to separate them. After they were finally pulled apart, Hopkins was booted from practice by head coach Bill O’Brien.

From the Jets-Redskins skirmishes (the Terrelle Pryor-D.J. Swearinger incident, in particular) to the Browns’ recent intrasquad scuffle, training camp fights have become an all too common occurrence of late.

But that should be expected, considering the circumstances. The ultra-competitive players are finally getting physical again as they ramp up preparations for the start of the season, and tempers are bound to flare up.

With a couple more weeks left before the start of the regular season, the Hopkins-Ward slugfest is unlikely to be the last fight that goes down in camp.