Superstar quarterback Tom Brady opened up about his son's potential football career in a recent interview. Brady, 45, shared that his 15-year-old son, Jack, may not continue playing football despite having shown interest in the sport, according to Yahoo.

Brady revealed that Jack played football last year but expressed uncertainty about whether he will play in the upcoming season. The proud father emphasized that he would support his son's decision, regardless of the path he chooses. Jack's passion lies in lacrosse, while basketball holds a special place in his heart. Brady also commended his son's academic achievements, highlighting that he excels as a student.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Brady acknowledged the pressures and unfair expectations that come with playing football. He expressed his hesitance in choosing football for his son, understanding the potential challenges that could arise due to the high standards set by others. The NFL legend considers himself fortunate to have found a profession he loves and appreciates the support his parents provided throughout his football journey.

Tom Brady shares Jack with his former partner, Bridget Moynahan, and has two other children, Benjamin and Vivian, with his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. Brady emphasized the unique challenges his children face due to their parents' high-profile status, and he strives to ensure that they have as normal a life as possible, free from undue expectations.

Brady's candid remarks shed light on his parenting philosophy, which prioritizes supporting his children's individual choices and passions. Whether Jack decides to pursue football or explore other avenues, Brady and his co-parents are committed to providing unwavering support, nurturing their children's personal growth and happiness.

As one of the most accomplished athletes in NFL history, Tom Brady's insights into his son's future highlight the complexities and considerations that arise when navigating the expectations placed upon children of successful parents.