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Patrick Beverley drops truth bomb on Stephen Curry-LeBron James comparisons after Warriors reach NBA Finals

Warriors, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Patrick Beverley

After the Golden State Warriors reached the NBA Finals once again, Patrick Beverley posed an interesting question: how wide is the gap now between Stephen Curry and LeBron James in terms of winning and basketball impact?

For the Minnesota Timberwolves guard, they are on even playing field now.

Curry has a chance to match LeBron’s four NBA titles this 2022, and he is largely expected to do so as the Warriors come in as heavy favorites whether they face the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat.

Now according to Beverley, Curry is “right there” with LeBron at the top of the all-time greats.

“Man, they right there. He’s changed the game, LeBron’s changed the game. Of course, everyone knows that … what Steph Curry has done, these guys are shooting threes and they’re not looking anymore. He has changed the game … he looks good doing it. The face is perfect. He’s the golden boy, everyone knows that. It just works for him and he got the basketball to back it up so he’s right there,” Beverley said.

It’s hard to argue with Patrick Beverley’s comments here. Indeed, Stephen Curry can be considered one of the most impactful players of his generation, and he is not even done yet in his career. Should he win the NBA title this 2022 with the Warriors, there will certainly be no question about his status that is comparable to LeBron James.

LeBron made it look easy to win an NBA title, and Curry is definitely doing the same plus more.