When The Bloodline, Roman Reigns, and The Usos left the ring after thoroughly taking care of Riddle and The Street Profits in a six-man Main Event on WWE‘s RAW, a very familiar but sort of unexpected song hit the PA system and generated a massive pop among the fans in attendance at Madison Square Garden.

No, it wasn't Next Big Thing, the theme song of “The Beast Incarnate,” Brock Lesnar, but instead “Burn It Down”, the sonic signature of none other than Reigns' former The Shield brother-in-arms, Seth Rollins.

Rollins met Reigns in the middle of the ramp, laughing hysterically at his long-time rival before waving “bye-bye” and walking down to the ring for a one-way beatdown ticket for poor don't-call-him-Matt Riddle, who just lost a war to his biggest current in-ring rival.

Was this simply the final chance for the man formerly known as “The Monday Night Messiah” to put in some work on his SummerSlam opponent before he faces off against Riddle in Nashville? Or was this segment more about setting up something further down the line, with Rollins going to the mat both literally and figuratively, against his ultimate friend-turned-opponent?

Don't be surprised if it's more of the latter than the former.

Seth Rollins is the perfect next opponent for Roman Reigns post-SummerSlam.

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Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have shared the ring on 469 occasions; they've wrestled together well over 200 times, in other teams with all sorts of different configurations, and taken on each other in singles competition on 29 occasions. And yet, no matter how many times the WWE goes back to that well, either to pair the performers together or play them off of each other as foes, it very rarely gets old and consistently draws money because of the deep roots that tie the duo together.

Need proof? Well, look no further than Reigns match with Rollins all the way back at the Royal Rumble 2022, when the duo took the ring for a Universal Title match that saw Becky Lynch's husband taking Roman Reigns to the mat for 14 minutes before winning the match via DQ and leaving The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis without the strap.

While the match was a ton of fun, the ending just screamed rematch, as Reigns kept Rollins in a guillotine well past the referee's announcement of a rope break and after demolishing his former friend with chair shot after chair shot until he left the ring with his title in hand and boos from the crowd. Had that angle continued, the WWE could have ridden the material presented in the above promotional video package into WrestleMania and beyond, but alas, it just wasn't meant to be – Reigns wrestled Brock Lesnar at the show, Rollins' mystery opponent turned out to be Cody Rhodes, and other than a few interactions very recently, the duo haven't shared the ring in any meaningful way.

With the Lesnar feud coming to an end one way or another in the not-too-distant future, either via a decisive win by either performer at SummerSlam, a Money in the Bank cash-in by Theory or by BL refusing to wrestle after his very interesting reaction to Vince McMahon's retirement, someone has to pick up the mantle and eat up the next three-to-six months of television time before Reigns turns his attention to another member of his Bloodline, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Considering Rollins and Reigns haven't had a proper feud since all the way back in 2016, when they had well over a dozen matches between television, house shows, and Pay-Per-Views, why not return to the aforementioned well, and see what happens?

Like Reigns, Rollins has an eventual match lined up way down the line with Cody Rhodes that can't be properly built up until probably around the Royal Rumble, right around when The Rock would presumably make his presence known to serve as the babyface foil to his Uso. If both Reigns and Rollins have very Hollywood WrestleMania feuds lined up for WrestleMania 39, why not let the duo bet the crap out of each other for the better part of six months before they go their separate ways ahead of their money angles? If anyone can make Reigns look even a little sympathetic at this point, it's probably Rollins, as he's fashioned himself as a cartoonish, mustache-twirling villain who will stop at nothing to make others miserable for his own pleasure. Considering Reigns may ultimately drop his strap and end this all-time great run at the Los Angeles-based show, even for just one night, that empathy could prove valuable.