After running through the ranks of the NXT Global Heritage Cup Invitational as the clear, clean winner of the A block, it looked like things were shaking up perfectly for a huge return win for Butch in NXT at No Mercy.

Sure, the performer formerly known as Pete Dunne has found success as of late as a member of the Brawling Brutes, but with Sheamus reportedly out indefinitely with a “serious” shoulder injury, what better way to keep the British Bruiserweight fresh and on television regularly than to give him another momentous run in NXT, the same brand that made him an international Superstar and a champion twice over in the UK?

Taking the ring not just against Noam Dar but the entirety of Meta Four, Butch and Dar got tied up at 1-1 early on in the contest, with a third, deciding point proving incredibly hard for the “Bruiserweight” to muster due to the consistent interference from “Main Man” Mensa and the rest of the faction. Still, Butch rallied and came darn close to securing the win, only for Joe Coffey and his Gallus boys – the very same Joe Coffey he beat to win a spot at No Mercy – charged the ring and made the deciding interference to allow Dar to secure the dub and retain his cup once and for all.

Would it have been cool to see Butch win it all? Yes. Would it have made sense for Butch to win it all? Most definitely, but hey, someone seems to really like Dar, and they are clearly very happy with the results of the match.