After listening to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson deliver one of his signature promos on Sunday to relive his WrestleMania 40 glory and hint at more to come as a member of the WWE Universe, fans in Montreal had to know that Cody Rhodes was going to address the situation when he inevitably took the ring for his promo on RAW, right? I mean, that's basically his thing, talking about others, especially The Rock, in order to have a conversation with the fans in attendance.

Well, fortunately enough, Rhodes stuck to his finger guns, and smack dab in the middle of the show, the “American Nightmare” did just that, addressing the crowd in French before running through his concerns with The Bloodline and his own potential challenger at Backlash.

“So, Montreal, de quoi voulez-vous parler? I gotta thank Adam Pearce, I think we should all thank Adam Pearce. He's allowed me to hang out on Monday Night RAW even though, technically, I'm a Friday Night SmackDown Superstar. Oh, don't worry, I ain't going nowhere. We cannot reflect on WrestleMania 40 forever, especially with a pending challenge: WWE's first Premium Live Event of the year, heading to Backlash in Lyonne, France, where I will face, for this championship, either the fastest rising star in all of WWE, LA Knight. Or the ‘Phenomenal' AJ Styles. But certainly, we can reflect a little bit. There's a man that I can talk about for hours, but I am going to keep it brief. This man said that he would be my Shield. He said he would be my Shield, he certainly did that, he is a man of his word. I know he is sitting at home watching right now, and I want to thank him. Thank you very much, Seth Freakin' Rollins,” Cody Rhodes declared on RAW.

“Another friend of ours did a little reflecting yesterday, The Rock. Of course, it was news to me that Rock did a ten-week training program, that Rock flew in the best talent all around the world of different skillsets to spar with him. The greatest strength and conditioning team that money could buy. I don't think The Rock has one more match left in him. I think he's got a lot more than that. And typical manic Rock fashion, he said that he was gonna make me bleed again. You're probably right, Rock. Maybe I will bleed. But no amount of training and preparation, nothing that you do, can stop the fact that if I'm gonna bleed, you're gonna bleed with me. And, of course, whenever you gotta talk about The Rock, you gotta talk about The Bloodline. But I'm a little confused. Last week, the introduction of Tama Tonga, by order of the Tribal Chief, and Roman Reigns was nowhere to be found. So more questions than answers, the last little bit of reflection that I wanna do out here: I wanna bring somebody to the ring who knows The Bloodline very well. Somebody who is a friend of mine. It's a Superstar that when he comes into the arena, you can feel the energy all the way from your head to your yeet- wait. Thank you for the dad joke, guys. Ladies and Gentlemen: Main Event Jey Uso!”

By order of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Jey Uso appeared, and while he didn't have much insight into the arrival of Tama Tonga or who is calling the shots in The Bloodline, it's clear Rhodes still has one ally in the Anoa'i family that he can count on, which is good, because it's only a matter of time before Solo Sikoa and co take another shot at the belt formerly held by the “Tribal Chief.”

Dave Meltzer believes Cody Rhodes is in line for a lengthy title run.

Speaking of The Rock's return to WWE, whenever that might be, Dave Meltzer actually provided some insight into the situation on his Wrestling Observer Radio and let it be known that fans should gear up for a lengthy run with Cody Rhodes as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, as Dwayne Johnson isn't coming back any time soon.

“From what we're told, this is very much a long-term thing. There is no planned date for Rock to return for a match, but it's been talked about next year's Mania,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio via WrestleTalk. “Originally, he wanted to come back and work with Reigns, but obviously, based on everything that went down, the singles title match with Rhodes is the bigger match right now. As things stand right now, he may work a match later this year, but that is not a lock. He would prefer to work with Rhodes in the main event of next year's Mania, and as we've seen, he is generally going to get what he wants. That would seem to lock Rhodes in for at least a one-year title reign. We are told is that isn't a lock, but Johnson would prefer it.

Now granted, Meltzer has been wrong before about little things and big things alike but considering The Smashing Machine is set to start filming soon, it's very unlikely that A24's insurance would allow Johnson to do much more than introduce SummerSlam while the film is still in production.