When it comes to RAW, there are three performers who stand at the top of the card, vying for the title and designation of the brand's top spot on the card: Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and Cody Rhodes, who is technically wrestling for the top title on SmackDown at WrestleMania 40 but curiously remains on the red brand.

While the trio have all wrestled each other on multiple occasions since the “American Nightmare” returned to WWE a few years back, oftentimes as very formidable foes, at the moment, they are all sitting at a bit of a stalemate, with even Rollins and McIntyre remaining largely cordial despite having a match at WrestleMania 40 in the co-main event of Night 2.

Still, just because everyone is doing their best to avoid full-on warfare at this point on RAW doesn't mean there isn't some animosity bubbling under the surface, including inside of McIntyre, who is getting pretty tired of Rollins running around on SmackDown when he should be taking care of business on Monday Nights, as he explained to Jackie Redmond on a backstage segment ahead of his main event match against Jey Uso.

“No, not in the slightest, not for one second, do you wanna know why? Because Seth Rollins is a junkie. A spotlight junkie. He literally can't help himself. When his responsibilities are supposed to be here on RAW, he sees something over here that's hot, and he goes, “ooo,” I have to latch my claws into that, I have to a part of that instead of focuing on what's important over here,” Drew McIntyre told Jackie Redmond on RAW.

“I mean just think of some of the bigger comebacks over the past few years; CM Punk, there's Set Rollins. Cody Rhodes? There's Seth Rollins. We just had The Rock, why's Seth Rollins there? I don't know, maybe you should be on RAW focusing on the World Title but he's not. He does it to the detriment of his body and his mind and at this point, I don't care Seth, you're a full grown man, as long as you show up to WrestleMania I'm going to put you down because this title deserves so much better than you.

“It also deserves better than Jey Uso, and Jey all I wanted all of this time was an apology, even someone as dimwitted as you could have figured that out, but I'll be the bigger man: I'm sorry, I know how much you need this victory, how much you really need this victory, but there's not a chance in h*ll that you'll defeat Drew McIntyre tonight.”

When it comes to the feud between Rollins and McIntyre, it's safe to say neither side is going to stray too far from their respective sides, as their conviction is what makes their Mania match so compelling. Fortunately, McIntyre isn't going to wait around for Rollins to see things his way, as he's more concerned with RAW business than anything else.

Drew McIntyre is proud to keep CM Punk's name alive in WWE.

Speaking of Drew McIntyre's status as WWE's number one hater, the “Scottish Warrior” was asked why he can't stop talking about CM Punk despite his absence for the foreseeable future. To McIntyre, the answer is simple: He hates Punk and wants the world to know it.

“Too harsh? I think Punk and everyone should be thanking me. All his fans should be thanking me because I'm the one keeping him relevant right now by constantly talking about him,” Drew McIntyre explained on The Bump via Fightful. “Not only that, I've dedicated my win at WrestleMania, the world title match to Punk, so if anything, I'm the good guy here. I don't see the issue. Should be thanking me. Send me gifts, Punk.”

Asked about his own injury suffered at the Elimination Chamber, McIntyre gave fans an update, which, again, also featured a (not so) suble shot at Punk too just for the heck of it.

“Nothing that's gonna affect me, nothing that's gonna take me out of WrestleMania. Like I said on Monday, like I said to the doctor, I might be hurt, but who do you think I am, CM Punk? It's not gonna take me out the game, but yeah, it's been a little frustrating,” McIntyre noted. “My hearing isn't the best in general, so to get my eardrum perforated, to hear even worse than I do in general, it is really annoying. I think it's made my eyesight even better somehow. My other senses are heightened.”

If McIntyre is wise, he should probably avoid taking too many shots at Punk while he's out, as eventually, be it as a guest referee at WrestleMania 40, or when he returns around Survivor Series, the “Best in the World” will return and he'll have one name above all others on the top of his revenge tour list.