When The Miz made his way over to SmackDown to watch LA Knight wrestle Austin Theory for a future title shot against Rey Mysterio for his United States Championship – totally not interfering in the proceedings along the way – it felt like only a matter of time before the “Megastar” made his way back over to RAW to return the favor.

Lucky for fans in Quebec, they didn't have to wait long for said response, as mere hours into RAW, The Miz made his way out to the ring to challenge for a special match on the Red Brand and, per his own admission, he was going to wrestle someone how is “faster, stronger, bigger, and more dominant” than anyone LA Knight had ever wrestled before.

“Listen, last Friday night on SmackDown, LA Knight lost an opportunity, he lost a match to earn a United States Championship opportunity, and everybody is blaming me, when everybody fails to realize that on the big show, there's no room for excuses. Things happen, champions know that, Gunther knows that, Roman knows that, in the main event of WrestleMania, ‘The Rock' messed with my match against John Cena, and I was still able to retain the WWE Championship because that is what Champions do. I am not a trend, trends come and go; I evolve. 20 years from now, you will remember me as a game changer, a trend setter, a two-time Grand Slam Champion, a WrestleMania main eventer,” The Miz told the Quebec crowd.

“20 years from now, you will remember LA Knight as a blip on the radar, a human fidget spinner, the Hubastank of WWE.  LA Knight is not on my level, and to prove it, I talked to Adam Pearce, and he said that he would allow me to hand-pick my opponent tonight, so I picked someone faster, stronger, bigger, more dominant than any opponent LA Knight has ever faced in his entire career. So ladies and gentlemen, my opponent tonight.”

Who, you may wonder, was The Miz's handpicked opponent? Well, that would be none other than Akira Tozawa, who has become the de facto opponent for WWE Superstars looking for an easy win, even though he has multiple five-star matches and a former tag team partnership with Minoru Suzuki on his resume. Fortunately – or not, depending on if you're a fan of Mike Mizanan – The Miz's night wouldn't end in an easy win, as LA Knight had his own plans for the evening that shook things up between the two Superstars even further.

The Miz's feud with LA Knight is getting more and more personal.

Midway through his match with Akira Tozawa, LA Knight's music hit and the “Megastar,” holding some tissues he eventually threw at the “A-Lister” made his way over to commentary, where he, unsurprisingly, had nothing nice to say about The Miz.

“Let me talk to ya, Miz is out here talking about something he did what, 12 years ago? When he was a background figure for ‘The Rock' and John Cena? Good on him, good for ya, buddy. He's talking about me being a flash in the pan, being a trend, he hasn't been a trend in 10 years,” LA Knight told Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.

“All he does is come out here and whine and complain. I brought him some tissues when I came down here since he was crying on the floor. It's like he has a notification on his calendar where, ‘It's been a little too long, maybe I need to whine about how I was treated when I first came into this, so bad. Give me a break.”

Though Cole and Barrett tried to slightly push back on Knight's comments, suggesting that the WWE Universe is fickle and he is a fresh face, the former Million Dollar Champion shut it down, suggesting that The Miz is jealous of him, not the other way around.

“Michael Cole, you had it right over on SmackDown, jealous, and do you know what that means? It's because when he had dreams of coming here, he wanted to be me, he wanted to be what I've become, he wanted to be quoted, he wanted people to chant his name. The only thing people can quote is ‘I'm The Miz, and I'm A…lways making people vomit.'”

Fortunately for LA Knight, he didn't have to watch Miz for much longer, as he fell victim to a roll-up by the former Dragongate standout to take the loss, making Tozawa's first win of the year. While LA Knight may be feeling pretty darn good about himself for getting one back on The Miz, it's impossible to imagine a world where this feud doesn't continue until at least Payback in September.