When Chelsea Green decided to shoot a bottle of water into Liv Morgan's face at the end of her number one contenders match on SmackDown, it instantly granted the indie darling “enemy number one” status with the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Morgan and her partner, Raquel Rodriguez, demanded revenge on the thrown-together tag team immediately after SmackDown went off the air, with Morgan unloading an entire bottle of water on her head to prove a point on the SmackDown LowDown, and when the duo made an appearance on The Bump a few days later, it's safe to say the animosity between the pair has only continued to grow.

“Look, Monday night, Karen and Yolanda, they really impressed me, right?” Rodriguez told Kayla Braxton and company. “They went out there, they obviously have been working on their tanlines. But I do think that they still have a minor fault, and that they can’t help but be a little egotistical, and that’s what the water was. It was ego that got in the way, it was disrespectful, and that’s fine, because all that does is fuel us a little bit more with a little bit more fire to just wipe the mat clean with them at the end of the day. And if I have to pick up Liv and use Liv to hit them over and over and over on the head, then I will. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep these titles.”

Morgan cut in next and delivered what might just be the definitive nickname for the tag team of Green and Sonya Deville, even if they probably don't appreciate it very much at all.

“Yeah, Karen and Sharon, I think Raquel kind of hit it on the head,” Morgan added. “You know, I was impressed by them on Monday. I was. But they both have very specific egos that I think it’s gonna make them hard to actually be a cohesive team. I have zero ego. Zero percent. I have zero ego. I want the team to win. I want Raquel and I to win. I want Raquel to win. I have zero ego when it comes to our tag team-ness. I think Sharon and Karen, I think that they are in for a bit of a rude awakening not just with Raquel and I this Friday, but just amongst themselves, and that’s all I will say on that. Can you believe they threw water on my face? Bleh!”

Will fans be chanting “Karen! Sharon!” when Green and Morgan take the ring against Raquel and Morgan for their match for the WWE Women's Championship? Only time will tell, but if WWE is smart, they will play that quote before the match and blast it all over social media, as that moment would be too darn sweet.

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Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez are loving their WWE championship run.

Elsewhere in their appearance on The Bump, Liv Morgan, and Raquel Rodriguez were asked about how it feels to be champions, and needless to say, the duo were very excited about the prospects of working together with gold around their waists.

“Oh amazing, I love being a champion,” Morgan noted. “That’s like my favorite thing in the entire world. So, I’m so proud and happy, and you know, there were a couple times where I thought I might have won this already, but I am so happy that my first time has been with Raquel. I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m as happy as a clam. I couldn’t be happier.”

Rodriguez cut in next and celebrated her win and her partner too.

“It’s been busy, and like Liv said, like, I’m really excited to experience this journey with her, having my first WrestleMania with her by my side, having the second title reign with her by my side and one of the longest title reigns I’ve had as a tag team champion, too, so I think Liv and I, like you said, our chemistry is undeniable, we have something that even I think shocked us when we started working together, so it’s been really fun, honestly, and like Liv said, too, I love being a champion, I love being a WWE women’s champion.”

Will Morgan and Rodriguez break the curse that has left the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts in dire straights, at least according to RAW commentator Corey Graves? Or will their run prove to be as forgettable as the past half-dozen or so champions? Only time will tell, but securing a win over “Karen and Sharon” is the first step in that journey.