Though he's technically been qualified for a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match for a while now, securing the W over The Miz all the way back on May 29th, Ricochet picked up some clear momentum on RAW by pinning rival Shinsuke Nakamura – and delivering some choice blows to Bronson Reed on top of that – in his final televised match before the show at the O2 Arena.

Speaking with Byron Saxton on RAW Talk about the forthcoming contest, Ricochet noted that while he's happy to beat up on “The King of Strong Style” and “Mr. Nice Guy,” he has his eyes on a bigger prize.

“Absolutely, and Byron, to be honest with you, as good as it felt to shut Shinsuke the h*ll up and to kick Bronson in his greasy face, as good as it felt, honestly, nothing is going to change how I feel about Money in the Bank. Just like I told Logan Paul and the entire WWE Universe last week, nothing is going to change my plans on Money in the Bank,” Ricochet said. “Nothing is going to change how I feel about Money in the Bank. And if there’s anybody who can capitalize on opportunity in this company, it is Ricochet. So, again, it doesn’t matter to me because Ricochet still plans on walking into the O2 Arena and becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. And man, I’m excited.”

“Mr. Money in the Bank Ricochet sounds good, right?” Saxton asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely, it sounds perfect. And just imagine Ricochet with the briefcase and the opportunity that comes with it, I’m excited.”

Will Ricochet become Mr. Money in the Bank? Maybe yes, maybe no, but that moniker certainly has a nice ring to it.