After losing her fourth-straight WrestleMania title match in a very compelling match against Bianca Belair, it's safe to say Asuka isn't in the best place right now within the WWE Universe. With her fellow Kabuki Warrior, Kairi Sane, currently a free agent after a successful run with the IWGP Women's Championship in Stardom/New Japan Pro Wrestling, and her place in line for the RAW Women's Championship presumably all the way in the back, some began to wonder what the future held for the “Empress of Tomorrow,” in WWE, if she has one at all.

Fortunately, Asuka took it upon herself to address this speculation head-on via her Twitter and issue a warning to the rest of the WWE Universe.

“I might as well go back to Japan… But I bet a lot of you guys my friends will miss me when I leave WWE?” Asuka wrote. “Now I need the power of your anger. Let's bring chaos to the boring Women's Division with me Let's bring chaos to the Women's Division, let's bring chaos to the WWE!”

Welp, there you go, folks; the Murder Clown isn't going away any time soon, and the rest of the WWE Universe had better be on notice, as few performers in the world of professional wrestling, regardless of the promotion they wrestle for, can get as deprived, vicious, and downright sadistic as Asuka when she puts her mind to it. RAW, take notice; post-WrestleMania, Asuka is about to descend on WWE like a thief in the night and sow chaos on the entire Women's Division.