Becky Lynch wants to be the RAW Women's Champion. Lynch also believes that she deserves a shot at being the RAW Women's Champion of the WWE Universe, and on this week's edition of WWE RAW, she made it clear that she is going to do what she needs to do to get the gold once more.

In a heated promo, Lynch brushed off Liv Morgan's recent championship win as nothing more than a lottery win, citing the presence of the Money in the Bank briefcase as a cheater's way to win, and vented her frustrations about how hard she's had to work in WWE for no returns. Lynch should have gotten the first crack at Bianca Belair's belt, not Carmella, as she was coming fresh off of a No Hold Barred win over Asuka, and in her most humble of opinions, she deserves the next Premium-Live-Event title shot too later this month at SummerSlam.

And yet, both Carmella and Belair made their way to the ring, and the woman formerly known as “Becky Two Belts” sat and watch along without interfering in the contest at all… at least until she started jaw jacking with Belair while Mella stood in the ring and the “Est of WWE” was officially counted out.

Now granted, Belair took care of Carmella shortly thereafter, hitting her with the KOD for having the audacity of dancing around with her title, but it's clear Lynch is going to make the current RAW Women's Champion's life a whole lot harder until she gets a chance to bring the belt back where it belongs.