When Shinsuke Nakamura secured his spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, he did so at the expense of Bronson Reed, who wound up losing his first-ever match on RAW without much fanfare.

So naturally, Reed decided to pay back that milestone by absolutely cutting into Nakamura's match with Ricochet on RAW and beating the you-know-what out of the duo; leading to the match's outcome being thrown out due to outside interference. Stopping by RAW Talk to discuss his decision to be a general menace, Reed noted that he's going to keep doing what he's doing until… well, until he decides he doesn't want to anymore.

“Why Byron? Why? You wanna ask me stupid questions like that?” Bronson Reed asked. “You know why, every single week, I go out there, and I make statement after statement after statement. And some reason, those two are in the Money in the Bank ladder match and not me? So I went out there tonight, and I made another statement. I squished those two like bugs all by myself and with a smile on my face.”

What does the future hold for Reed? Is there going to be a last-chance opportunity to get back in the Money in the Bank picture? Or will he instead serve as a disruptor who does everything in his power to prevent people he doesn't like from getting there, even if he has no chance at the MitB open contract? Fans will find out soon enough, as Money in the Bank is less than a month away, and Reed isn't going anywhere anytime soon.