At Night of Champions, the WWE Universe was treated to the newest chapter of “The CodyVerse” and like any good trilogy – or at least like the original Star Wars trilogy – this chapter ended in defeat, with the hero's camp wondering if he will ever be able to overcome the big, bad boss after suffering such a crucial blow.

The proceedings opened predictably enough, with Cody Rhodes quickly realizing that his titanium cast could be used as a weapon and using that information to good effect by whopping “The Beast Incarnate” repeatedly with the legal arm enhancer. Still, this wasn't some magic pill that took away Lesnar's power, as, in his opinion, he could still lock up “The American Nightmare” in a Kimura and grind his bones into dust.

In essence, this was the core thesis of the contest, with Rhodes using his cast and his craftiness to land Cross Rhodeses and Lesnar instead focusing on his submission game, with just one F5 thrown over the 10-minute match. Rhodes would get the upper hand, looked like he was going to secure a second-straight win over Lesnar, and then, like clockwork, he'd be sitting on the ring apron in agony, trying desperately to get the strength needed to get to the Night of Champions ropes.

This went on for much of the end back-half of the match until, after eating the aforementioned F5, Lesnar locked in the Kimura once more, and this time, Rhodes couldn't get out of it, instead losing consciousness and taking the loss like Luke Skywalker, who also found himself defeated with one arm at the end of his second fight with the big bad.

Let's hope SummerSlam provides the positive resolution fans desperately desire, as it's hard to imagine this storyline getting many more wrinkles before it comes to an end.