With all the drama — worked-shoots or not — surrounding AEW talent MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman), it comes to the surprise of few that WWE bossman Vince McMahon would be interested in the (allegedly) ‘unhappy with Tony Kahn' star.

On a recent podcast featuring Wade Keller, sources told the podcast host just that. Basically, even if the MJF stuff in AEW isn't a work, and is 100 percent real, it would not stop Vince McMahon “from making him a lucrative offer.”

MJF-WWE Rumors

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On the most recent edition of Dynamite, it became rather clear that it's now a worked-shoot. Previously, who knows? It will likely be speculated for some time that this began as a legitimate shoot, then became a worked-shoot, but none of that really matters.

With his contract not actually expiring until 2024, and Tony Kahn having to be an insane person to actually fire someone of his caliber, MJF is going to be in AEW for the foreseeable future. Of course, that is unlikely to prevent Vince McMahon from making overtures if he is indeed that thirsty to land arguably the best heel in pro wrestling today.

Oddly enough, during his promo on Dynamite, MJF began by being booed by the crowd before winning them over. Like all great heels, he spoke no lies even if the truth danced a bit in the mud. Between calling out ex-WWE talent Kahn broke bank for to breaking the fourth-wall numerous times over, some are already comparing it to the infamous CM Punk pipebomb promo. While it's too early to tell what longer term impact it'll have on his career, it did certainly highlight why MJF is on a different level than every pro wrestler in the world.

Kids, he's special. He's got some Ric Flair in him with a sprinkle of Punk, Brian Pillman and even some members of The Kliq in him — well, at least the better parts of the latter.

As a fan of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, my selfish hope is he stays away from Vince McMahon and the WWE. There's little reason to believe The Fed would do anything other than ruin what makes him special, especially since a lot of what MJF does is beyond the PG-13 world World Wrestling Entertainment likes to be involved with. If he does eventually want to go, of course he should do whatever he wants.

Basically, maybe a MJF-WWE marriage happens some time down the future, but the longer the star is with AEW, the better off most wrestling fans will be for it.