Pat McAfee doesn't like Happy Corbin. He doesn't like him as a wrestler, doesn't like him in the ring, and basically doesn't even like being in the same WWE Universe as Corbin, which is saying a lot, because McAfee seems to absolutely love being a part of WWE Universe.

When Corbin fails, McAfee laughs. When Corbin wins, McAfee still calls him a bum. When another wrestler is taking his aim at the former King, you'd best believe it's obvious which side of the match/feud McAfee is going to be rooting for.

But what happens when the man on the other side of the ring is McAfee himself? Has McAfee's mouth written checks his work can't cash, or will his impressive in-ring work serve him will like it did both at WrestleMania 38 versus Theory and then Vince McMahon and at NXT TakeOver: XXX, where he turned in a fantastic effort in a loss to Adam Cole.

Either way, after Corbin beat up on McAfee so bad that he had to wear a neckbrace to UFC, it's pretty safe to say this feud is on like “Immigrant Song”, with their match at SummerSlam now one of the more exciting ones on the card.

But what if I were to tell you that this isn't the first time McAfee and Corbin have competed together? What if their athletic pursuits go back well over a decade, when the duo were both attempting to make a living at a very different sport?

Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin have serious history outside of the WWE.

Before Happy Corbin was Happy Corbin, or King Corbin, or even Baron Corbin, he was Thomas Pestock, an offensive guard for the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats who really wanted to play in the NFL. Though he wasn't selected in the 2009 NFL Draft, Corbin latched on with the Indianapolis Colts, where he was assigned to bunk with a UDFA punter by the name of Pat McAfee…

Wait, Pat McAfee Pat McAfee, the undrafted free agent from West Virginia-turned-All-Pro Punter-turned-media member-turned WWE commentator?

The very same.

While that particular summer went very well for McAfee, as he won the starting spot and went on to play eight years with the Colts before prematurely retiring to pursue media opportunities, Pestock was released, signed to the practice squad, and then released again. After attempting to make the Arizona Cardinals for the better part of two years, Pestock hung up his football cleats for good in 2011 and traded them in for wrestling boots.

Unlike McAfee, who sort of lucked into his WWE opportunity, Corbin had to work incredibly hard to get to where he is today – even if his heelish persona gets the wrong kind of heat from more than a few fans across the WWE Universe – and doesn't seem to happy with his former roommate talking trash on his efforts as a result.

Will Pat McAfee be able to dethrone the former King once more and prove once and for all that he is, in fact, a “Bum Ass?” Or will Happy Corbin finally earn the respect he deserves from a former friend turned weirdly cruel foe by besting him in the ring once and for all? With less than a month left before SummerSlam, it's safe to say the feud is only going to ramp up before it reaches its crescendo.