When Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley attacked Rey Mysterio on Thanksgiving in front of Mrs. Mysterio, and the Mysterio-ettes, it took the WWE Universe by storm. Millions watched the incident transpire from their dining room tables, couches, or bathrooms alike, and through it all, one question rose above all others: why did Mysterio and Ripley do it? Was it revenge for not being invited to dinner? An opportunity to attack his least favorite person when he knew where he would be? And what about the WWE camera crew? Do they just follow performers around in their free time, or did Mysterio and/or Ripley explicitly invite them to film the goings on?

Fortunately, Matt Camp – or his producers – booked RAW‘s weirdest couple to be on WWE’s The Bump to ask them that very question, and the duo’s answers were fascinating.

“Because he had his Christmas tree up before November was over,” Mysterio said. “And honestly, he doesn’t deserve to just be living peacefully. I had to live with his shadow my whole life. So I’m hoping to cast a big shadow over him and just keep torturing him as much as I can.”

Ripley then gave an answer of her own, standing up for Dom in the wake of a cruel father who wouldn’t even invite him to Thanksgiving.

“It was great,” Ripley added. “We went in there trying to be nice, trying to be civil. We were hoping that we could have a nice little family get-together and just have Thanksgiving together, enjoy it. But you know, Rey, he once again shut the door on Dominik; he disrespected myself and Dominik by closing that door, so I wasn’t having it. Then, of course, he called me a name, and Dominik snapped. That’s what happens when you’re being a bad influence in front of the children at the table. He’s trying to take the spotlight once again for himself, and we’re not gonna stand for it.”

So, which a trip to The Mysterios house likely off the table ahead of the holidays, Camp asked if Dominik and Ripley have any plans for the holidays themselves.

“I’m just going to go off of what Mami likes to do,” Mysterio said. “Whatever she has planned is what we’ll do.”

But what could that be? Does Ripley have any special Christmas traditions she’d like to bring over from Australia? Well, Camp asked, and Ripley replied.

“I’m one of those people who take it day by day as well,” Ripley said. “I don’t really have any Australian traditions, but I do have some Australian foods that I might make for Dom Dom, but we’re just enjoying our time together, you know? Just take it day by day and see what comes of it.

Welp, enjoy your dinner of Vegemite and Four’n Twenty meat pies, Dom; while it’s always fun to spend the holidays with your family, if your father is a good-for-nothing, worthless, bum-a** piece of crap – Dom’s assertion, not mine – then spending them with a new girlfriend isn’t so shabby either.

Rhea Ripley has her eyes set on besting WWE’s Man.

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Switching gears for a moment, Camp didn’t exclusively want to talk about interpersonal drama and instead wanted to know what Ripley’s experience was like in WarGames, namely her interaction with Becky Lynch, a woman she has experience with in the ring from her time in NXT. Would Ripley like a one-on-one match with “The Man?” *Spoiler alert* that answer is a resounding yes.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Ripley said. “Becky is someone that I had a match with in NXT, and it didn’t finish with a conclusion, it finished with Shayna (Baszler) and the girls coming out and ruining that match for me. She’s always been someone that I’ve wanted to have a televised match with and have it be, like, competitive. So every time I step into the ring with her, I’m looking forward to it, and I want that one-on-one interaction, I want that match, and I’m hoping that one day it will happen, (because) Mami’s gonna put ‘The Man’ down.”

The unquestioned breakout star of Judgement Day, who is somehow more over than when she had championship gold around her waist, putting Ripley in a feud with Lynch, even if it wouldn’t quite jive with the modus operandi of Finn Balor’s faction, would seriously elevate the NXT standout into a true blue main event star, all the while giving WWE year another female superstar to push to the moon and place against Bianca Belair in a program that was supposed to take place at Money in the Bank as a placeholder ahead of SummerSlam but would now be worthy of WrestleMania if the buildup is done correctly.