After two incredibly impactful weeks away from the WWE Universe following the rare physical beatdown at the hands of Nia Jax, Rhea Ripley returned to RAW in a big way on the second day of October, disrupting the first match on the card between the “Irresistible Force” and Shayna Baszler before demanding the rest of her Judgment Day factionmates take the ring to talk shop.

Down Finn Balor, who was injured the previous week, Ripley did something of a live state of the Judgment Day, letting each of her factionmates know that she isn't happy where the faction is at the moment.

“Now we all know that there is no leader of the Judgment Day, correct? But we each have our own responsibilities to handle. Someone has to come up with a game plan so things don't go down for the Judgment Day, right Dom? Right, correct. So what happened? Mami gets taken out for two weeks by Nia Jax, and all of a sudden, things start falling apart for the Judgment Day. Because Mami is the one that makes the plans, but at the end of the day, me being out, I left that responsibility to someone, and they disappointed me. I left that responsibility to you, Priest. I go, and you can't handle the job,” Rhea Ripley told the crowd.

“After the brawl last week Finn's out injured, you can't even compete tonight against Jey because you're not medically cleared, and what else happened, Priest? What else happens? Dom loses his NXT North American Championship to Trick Williams at No Mercy all because you weren't there to help him like I always do. And now we have a Cody and Jay situation. They don't fear us Priest, you know why? Because there's tension here. Because we're not a threat to them. And do you know what they're going to try and do? They're going to try to take your Tag Team Championships away from you.”

With Priest's issues checked off, Ripley turned her attention to her “Dirty Papi,” Dominik Mysterio, who lost his North American Title to Trick Williams in a certified stunner at NXT No Mercy. While Ripley admits Mysterio didn't have much help at the show in Bakersfield, California, she also wanted her mullet-ed half to know that she doesn't cohabitate with losers.

“Dom, I'm your Mami, right? What does that make you? That makes you my Papi,” Ripley told Mysterio. “So tomorrow night at NXT you have a rematch with Trick Williams; you're welcome. But if you don't come home to me with that championship, don't come home to me at all.”

Wow, just wow.

Now, unfortunately, fans weren't afforded a chance to see how Mysterio would respond, as Jey Uso's music hit, he got into it with the heel faction, and in the end, Adam Pearce booked Balor and Priest versus Cody Rhodes and Uso for a match at Fastlane with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championships on the line, but in the end, none of that really matters. No, if Dom Dom can't end Williams' NXT North American Championship reign at the PC in Orlando, Ripley may end her relationship with Mysterio, which would be an incredible development that would shake the very fiber of the faction forever.

Tune into NXT on Tuesday, folks; this has the potential to be very interesting.


Dominik Mysterio has a message for Trick Williams ahead of NXT.

Speaking of Trick Williams, the pride of NXT and new North American Champion stopped by the backstage area on RAW to talk to Jackie Redmond about his recent win and really introduce himself to the WWE Universe after largely spending his time in developmental.

“My name is Trick Williams, I am 6-foot-4, I am 240 pounds of muscle,” Trick Williams told the WWE Universe. “I have gold in my ears, I have gold around my wrist, and most importantly, I have gold around my waist because I am your new NXT North American Champion, baby believe that. And tomorrow, I will be defending this title against ‘Dirty' Dom.”

Clearly disinterested in the shoutout, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, Mami, and JD McDonagh came out of the shadows to tell the new champion to keep his name out of their mouths.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you seem to be a whole lot more confident now that you have your Mami with you,” Williams asserted.

“Tomorrow night, you won't have to just worry about Dom, because he won't be coming to NXT alone. And he'll be walking out with his NXT North American Championship,” Rhea Ripley added.

After watching Williams barely secure the win at No Mercy with a friendly face refereeing the match at No Mercy, how will he be able to keep the strap with Mysterio, McDonagh, and Ripley all on the opposite side of the Vs. symbol? Fans will have to tune in to see NXT to find out.