In case you haven't heard, Roman Reigns is officially set to wrestle Logan Paul at WWE's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in November. Paul “Triple H” Levesque and company threw a boxing-style press conference in Las Vegas to set the stage for the “spectacle,” the entire Bloodline, from The Usos, to Paul Heyman, to Solo Sikoa, and even Sami Zayn made an appearance to back up their Tribal Cheif, and even if Paul attempted to speak his worthiness of being in the match into existence, Reigns consistently belittled the social media star in an attempt to impart one piece of crucial wisdom onto the 27-year-old: they are in different leagues.

Reigns has been WWE Champion for over 700 days, Paul has wrestled two matches. Reigns wrestled Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins in their primes in 2022 alone, Paul notoriously boxed a 45-year-old Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match that few took seriously.

So naturally, when Reigns was asked about how he would take care of Paul, he showed little respect for his soon-to-be-foe. “He's a boxer, right? ‘Floyd Mayweather, I boxed Floyd Mayweather for eight rounds!' Maybe one Superman Punch, break his jaw, send him home unhappy.”

Suffering succotash, who says Reigns doesn't have a personality? Reigns did the voice, he did some little mannerisms that are very Paul and thoroughly talked down his potential opponent in a way that makes his big talk and attempted posturing look incredibly foolish. If Reigns can dress down Paul in the ring as well as he can on the interview mic, this really might be a quick fight.