After weeks and weeks of anticipation featuring matches on RAW, beatdowns in NXT, and a successful title defense at Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins will finally get his third and potentially final singles match of the year against Finn Balor at SummerSlam in Detroit, Michigan on August 5th.

Soon fans will see if the “Visionary” can secure a clean win versus the “Demon” and if that does happen, if he'll be able to survive a cash-in attempt by fellow The Judgment Day member Damian Priest, who secured the briefcase in London at the start of July.

So naturaly, it would be safe to assume that Rollins would have nothing much nice to say about Balor, Priest, or the rest of The Judgment Day, right? You might be surprised, as, in an interview with Fox News Digital to promote SummerSlam, the “Revolutionary” actually put over the faction for getting incredibly over during the past calendar year.

“It’s a real interesting situation because you’ve got Finn Balor here who’s been holding a grudge for seven and a half years,” Seth Rollins told Fox News Digital.

“Obviously, he feels he hasn’t been the same since then. He took some time to go back down to NXT and reevaluate who he was. He came back a much stronger, better performer. I think you’ve seen that in The Judgment Day as all four of them have just risen the ranks in WWE over the past year. It’s really been fantastic to watch.”

One on one, Rollins has a pretty good chance of securing the win, but then again, the match probably won't be wrestled one-on-one, as Priest will all but certainly be lurking around looking for a chance to strike.

“But then you got his best bud, Damian Priest, kind of lurking. And here’s the thing. Here’s what I want to know. If, for some reason, in some way, shape, or form, Finn Balor is able to pry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off me, his title reign, this time, is going to be shorter than it was when he won the Universal title because Damian Priest is going to cash in on him like that,” Rollins said.

“That title, that top spot – that changes people. That does some messed up stuff to people. It turns you into a different person, and Priest has got the golden ticket.

“So, am I worried about him cashing in on me? Of course. But when it comes to Money in the Bank, I got it covered, man. I know what’s going on. I know he’s going to be looking for a shot every single time. I’ve cashed in that thing. I’ve had it cashed in on me multiple times. So, I understand that game.

“Finn Balor, not for him. It’s going to very interesting to see how it all plays out. I think I’m going to be able to skate out of this thing by beating Finn Balor and avoid being cashed in on. But in WWE, man, anything can happen. I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole thing plays out.”

What does the future hold for Rollins at SummerSlam? Will he be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion when the final bell rings and the 1-2-3 is counted or will a member of The Judgment Day, be that Balor or Priest, become only the second man under this current lineage to call himself the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Fans will find out in less than a week.

Seth Rollins reveals how his time in NXT could have turned out very differently.

Sitting down for an interview with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri ahead of SummerSlam, Seth Rollins was asked about his time in NXT and how it felt to go from the initial competition show to a more traditional developmental promotion akin to Florida Championship Wrestling before it. Though Rollins admits things didn't get too far into the original format, the experience was certainly something to remember.

“No, all we did was film the pre-tape stuff, like we filmed the packages, we went to Full Sail University, and they had the cameras set up and went around you, and you got all wet and shiny, did the poses and then talked about who we were and where we came from and all that,” Seth Rollins said via Fightful. “So all that pre-production type stuff, we did all that, and then they never did the season. I think we were supposed to be season four or five? Hard to remember. Because they did the all-female season, and they did maybe one after that, and weren’t on that. Maybe it was five. But yeah, never came to fruition. For the better, I would say. At the time, very disappointing. Obviously, we were all looking to get our feet wet in WWE. We thought NXT was gonna be the ticket, that pathway in NXT anyway, and thankfully for all of us, that didn’t happen because here we are. Now I’m sitting and talking to you [as] World Heavyweight Champion, may not be the case had it been that way, so I would say my introduction was a little bit better than that.”

Asked who would have been his pro had WWE followed the traditional pre-developmental NXT format, Rollins revealed that he likely would have been linked up with “The Best in the World” due to his attitude and their mutual connection coming up on the indies, specifically via their time in Ring of Honor.

“Oh man, that would have been like 2011, 2012. At that point in my career, gosh, I would have been very closely aligned with CM Punk at the time,” Rollins noted. “He would have probably been the guy if he was going to be involved with NXT that they would have paired with me based on our personality types and our upbringing.”

Would it have been cool to see Rollins aligned with Punk for more than what little fans got during his actual NXT run? Most definitely, Punk was red hot at the time, and giving him a performer like the future “Visionary” as his pupil would have been awesome. Then again, Punk had some pretty unusual alignments during his time in WWE, from leading Nexus to the Straight Edge Society, so depending on what creative had cooking, Rollins might have dodged a bullet.