In the leadup to Maximum Male Models’ first crack at their former manager in LA Knight’s debut performance as a member of the SmackDown roster, Mace, Mansoor, and Maxxine Dupri took shots at the WWE performer they used to call Max Dupri.

“Max, LA, whatever you want to call yourself, that was Mom – you are officially disowned,” Maxxine Dupri declared.

After Mace declared that LA Knight is a stupid name, Mansoor dug into his former manager.

“LA, I need you to understand something; yes, I have been losing sleep, it’s bothering me, I’m breaking out, but it’s because I couldn’t figure out why, I couldn’t understand why the CEO of Maximum Male Models was so upset with the Maximum Male Models modeling. It makes no sense to me! But then it came to me in a flash – the reason you resent us LA is for the exact same reason all these disgusting, grotesque, acne-ridden sweat-hog mutants in the arenas and on the internet resent us: jealousy. And jealousy is an ugly look on your LA. Even uglier than that gaudy red jacket and $15 haircut.”

“And let’s face it,” Maxxine interjected. “There is a very big reason why you were a manager and never a model.”

Oh snap, they straight-up called Knight ugly –  certainly, the most talkative man in professional wrestling had something to say on the matter, right? Shockingly no; for once, don’t-call-him-Max-Dupri decided to let his wrestling do the talking, and talk it very much did.

LA Knight lets his intentions be known to the WWE Universe.

Walking to the ring with a clear sense of purpose, Knight got in the ring, faced off against the trio he used to manage, and promptly beat the every loving you-know-what out of Mansoor, the first of two models he will presumably take to task in the not-too-distant future. Though far from the flashiest performer the wrestling world has to offer, a fact he used to mark himself with during his run in Impact, Knight brought his usual swagger and old-school style to the ring, nailing Mansoor with a sweet neck breaker, before clearing the ring-side area of Mace and ultimately securing the win via a BFT.

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After watching his former employees leave the ring, with Mace carrying Mansoor away from the ring like a newlywed carrying their new spouse through the threshold, Knight demanded a microphone and cut a promo on the models, on the “sweat-hog” of Louisianna, and on the rest of the WWE Universe, as, despite being free to drive in his own lane, LA’s finest isn’t looking to carpool anytime soon.

“Whoa, Whoa, whoah, you didn’t think I did that for you, do ya?” Knight rhetorically asked the WWE Universe. “I don’t know if you understand, but I don’t need a bunch of swamp-dwelling incels chanting my name.  Right now, I’m putting you all on notice, and more importantly of all, I’m putting the entire WWE “Superstar” roster on notice: right now, every single one of ya, mark the date; from here on, you can all get your ticket punched. Why? Because whose game is it? It’s LA Knight’s game, yeah.”

Welp, you heard it from the man himself; the WWE Universe is about to experience what it feels like during an LA Knight, and despite the temperate atmosphere, it can get cold just off the ocean.