Jacob deGrom's deal with the Texas Rangers shocked the MLB world. New York Mets fans were upset, but they now have their sights set on Justin Verlander. However, deGrom's move caused New York Post writer Joel Sherman, who's a respected personality in baseball media, to call out deGrom's leadership and make eye-opening comments towards the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants organizations.

Sherman began his recent article in the New York Post, entitled “Yankees could be in trouble on Aaron Judge front if Giants follow Texas’ lead,” by suggesting that the Rangers' Jacob deGrom contract could be a blueprint for the Giants. He went on to raise valid questions about deGrom's health, but then questioned deGrom's leadership ability.

“He (Jacob deGrom) is hardly known for his leadership skills,” Sherman writes.

Sherman then made the point that Aaron Judge's tremendous leadership skills and previous healthy seasons will lead to an even more lucrative deal than what deGrom received.

Sherman proceeded to fire shots towards the Rangers and Giants' organizations.

“The biggest threats to the Yankees signing Judge — the Giants — have a lot in common with the Rangers (who were always seen as the biggest threat for deGrom): namely irrelevance, worrisome attendance and lots of payroll,” Sherman writes.

His point about Jacob deGrom's new team, the Rangers, is difficult to refute. But the Giants have won 3 World Series championships (2010, 2012, 2014) since the Yankees last won a Fall Classic (2009).

Sherman's Tweet promoting his article fully displayed the pettiness involved.

“If a desperate team was willing to pay a 34-yr-old who has hardly played the last 2 yrs and exudes no leadership skills 5/$185M, what might a desperate team (SFG) pay a 30 yr old leader (Judge) who has been healthy and excelled the last 2 yrs?”

One can only imagine the article he will write if Aaron Judge joins Jacob deGrom and leaves New York.