Taylor Lautner revealed how to actually say his name, because everyone's been saying it wrong for years. At 11 years old he starred in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, then later landed a role in the Twilight series as Jacob. He was too young to correct anybody then. But now he's in his thirties, and it's not (lot-ner) it's (lout-ner), per E! News.

“It is my fault that nobody knows how it's actually pronounced because I never corrected anybody for decades,” Taylor Lautner said an episode of The Unplanned Podcast With Matt & Abby. “It is technically Lout-ner, but I just never in interviews or anything stopped somebody and said, ‘It's not Lawt-ner. It's Lout-ner.'”

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“I just go with whatever,” he said. “I don't care.”

And the reason he didn't point out the mistake sooner was his early welcome into stardom.

“I think when I was 11, like after Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” The Twilight star, now 31, said. “I wasn't gonna tell people they were pronouncing my name wrong.”

But what's not wrong is that Lautner did marry another Taylor. He has the same name as his wife Taylor Dome Lautner, who often goes by Tay to make things easier. But The Squeeze hosts, the Taylor's shared podcast, admitted they don't get mixed up.

Dome Lautner explained she'll refer her husband “hun” unless she's mad at him or he's not listening. Their friends know who's who as well. “Our friends just kind of have it down,” Lautner said. “We're either Tay and Taylor or boy Tay and girl Tay. But we kind of have just learned to respond to anything and everything.”