The Denver Broncos' Week 3 matchup against the Miami Dolphins was a disastrous affair, resulting in a humiliating road loss for the Broncos. The game showcased the Broncos' weaknesses and highlighted several individuals to blame for the embarrassing blowout. In this article, we will examine the key factors that contributed to the Broncos' defeat and discuss the roles played by four individuals in this devastating loss.

The Denver Broncos' Demoralizing Week 3 Defeat

In a historic meltdown, the Denver Broncos suffered an agonizing 70-20 defeat to the Miami Dolphins in Week 3. There isn't a single standout player on this team; instead, it's a roster filled with underperformers.

The Broncos' loss was so crushing that it almost feels like the entire team should trek back to the Rockies from South Beach on foot. The lackluster display has left many Broncos fans reluctant to proudly wear the team's merchandise.

The final score paints a vivid picture of their ineptitude, rendering words almost unnecessary. Should the Broncos explore trading as many players as possible before the deadline? Perhaps. Right now, it doesn't seem like any player possesses even a shred of pride.

More importantly, the Broncos appear rudderless. Despite a new head coach in Sean Payton, the team just hasn't played up to higher expectations compared to last season. In fact, some fans have questioned the value of these additions to the team.

Here we will look at the four Denver Broncos to blame for their embarrassing Week 3 blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins.

1. Sean Payton

Outspoken head coach Sean Payton was expected to instill mental toughness in this team. Instead, he has assembled a group of seemingly heartless impostors. Many of Payton's roster choices have been regrettable, and he appears to lack control over a squad prone to repeated mental errors. To make matters worse, the “best playcaller of the last 20 years” made questionable offensive decisions in critical situations during the game. This performance was appalling, and the ultimate responsibility lies with the head coach.

2. Vance Joseph

Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph's defensive strategy has been nothing short of disastrous in the past two weeks. Facing the Washington Commanders, the Broncos surrendered 388 yards, and against the Dolphins, they allowed a staggering 726 yards. When a defense that was top-five last year concedes over 1,000 yards in just two weeks, changes are imperative. Yes, the 2023 season is only three weeks old. Still, Joseph's job security is among the most precarious in the NFL at present.

Describing how dreadful the Broncos' defense performed on Sunday is a challenging task. They allowed a total of ten touchdowns. Nine of them came from the Dolphins' running backs alone. All in all, they gave up 726 yards of offensive production and allowed the Dolphins to score 70 points. Remarkably, even the Dolphins' backup quarterback, Matt White, threw a touchdown against Denver. This marks the lowest point so far of the young season and should serve as a glaring indicator of how subpar Joseph's defensive unit has been this year. When the opposing team resembles a video game, changes should be expected after a game like this.

3. Mike McGlinchey

The Broncos are still on the hunt for a capable right tackle. This is because Mike McGlinchey has proven to be a revolving door with a penchant for drawing penalties. Unfortunately, the Broncos' front office invested a significant amount of money in free agency and signed him to a long-term contract.

The Broncos would have been better off hiring a ghost to guard the right side of their offensive line. It has been the weakest part of this defense. Regrettably, the Broncos are now stuck with yet another ill-advised decision at right tackle. This time, it will haunt them for at least the next three seasons.

4. Brandon Johnson

Wide receiver Brandon Johnson's penalties cost the Broncos two touchdowns on Sunday. First, his illegal pick route nullified a touchdown pass to Courtland Sutton. While some fans may argue that the penalty was excessive, Johnson could have exercised more subtlety in what was clearly a designed play to assist Sutton in getting open. Later, a pre-snap penalty by Johnson wiped out a Jerry Jeudy touchdown.

Johnson did manage to make a nice reception late in the game. However, even that was nullified by a penalty because he stepped out of bounds and was the first player to touch the ball after returning to the field of play. It was an unfortunate day for the second-year receiver, one he'll likely want to forget.

Looking Ahead

The Denver Broncos' humiliating blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins was a result of various factors. This included bad play-calling, porous defense, and unfortunate penalties. The team's coaches and players were left absolutely embarrassed by the outcome, highlighting the need for significant improvements moving forward. As the Broncos continue to search for their first win of the season, addressing these issues will be crucial in avoiding future humiliating defeats.