AEW: Fight Forever is now available. The game's standard edition officially released yesterday, while Elite Edition Owners were able to get a head start on Wednesday. Many players are discovering many new things, like how to unlock all the hidden wrestlers, the exploding barbed wire death match “historic” option, and more. But there's one thing players still need help with, and that's earning one of the game's achievements.

The Match of the Year achievement requires the player to finish a match in any game mode with a 7 star rating. It's not the hardest achievement to earn, but it's definitely one of the trickiest. There's no exact way on how it works, but there's things you can do to help your chances.

This AEW: Fight Forever guide will show you how to get a 7-star rating and earn the Match of The Year Achievement.

AEW: Fight Forever Match of The Year Achievement / Trophy Guide

It seems the easiest way to earn this achievement is to load up the Casino Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 21 wrestlers will go against each other, four at a time. The last man standing wins.

To get the achievement, you'll want to start first and takedown as many wrestlers as possible. You may have to restart the fight multiple times until you are the first to go, so just be patient and stick with it. Coming out on top against 20 other wrestlers will help you earn that 7-star rating.

Make sure to use your signatures, taunts, and special moves as often as you can. When an opposing wrestler is weak, throw them into the ropes and kick them off. Using your signature, this should be easy to pull off. The difficult part is doing it over and over again with no issues. It's going to be tough to maintain high HP while constantly attacking other wrestlers.

It's essentially an iron man challenge which tests not only your skill, but how long you can stay focused on your objective.

Here's a video which shows one YouTubers strategy in better detail. He doesn't follow every exact step, but it won't matter. Just keep your HP high and your signatures rolling until you reach victory.

If this strategy doesn't work, You can also try other modes like Ladder Match. Instead of focusing on the objective, just keep putting the hurt on your opponent. Keep using finishers and signatures frequently, and after about eight of them you should be good to take the victory. It may not take as long as Casino Battle Royale, though we feel it may be a bit trickier to earn.

That about wraps it up. There's many ways to earn the achievement, but we hope our guide is helpful to our fellow achievement / trophy hunters.


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AEW: Fight Forever is available for PC via SteamPlaystation 4, Playstation 5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. So far the game has received average reviews from critics, who praised the gameplay and career mode but noted the lack of customization.

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